The Course and Structure of an Corporate Event

The Course and Structure of an Corporate Event
Preparation and realization of our geolocation games has a clear, time-tested structure. Thus, we can easily handle groups of few players as well as of several hundreds. Everything will be explained, players will be divided into teams and in less than 20 minutes players will be ready to start hunting treasures.

The Introduction to the Program

Initially, the realization team meets you at a prearranged place. We will suggest one or more places suitable for the introduction part in each location to choose from. However, the program can basically start anywhere you like (i.e. a hotel desk, a congress hall or your office). After welcoming you, our instructors start explaining the rules of the game and demonstrate how to use the application Terra Hunt. Consequently, you are divided into teams of 4-6 people and a tablet with a running game is given to each team. This number of players has turned out to be big enough to successfully handle the tasks and at the same time small enough to let everyone feel involved in the doing.

Currently Offered GPS-based Games

The Course of the GPS-based Game

Having your own tablet, it's time to plan the most efficient strategy to win the game. As soon as the tablets are distributed to the teams, an instructor takes a group photo of you all and the game can start. Teams quickly scatter around the location hunting treasures and answering questions waiting for them. The game guides you through the well-known historical, cultural and natural sights of the location where you are supposed to answer various kinds of questions, solve puzzles and ciphers, or handle a challenge in the form of an outdoor activity depending on the type of your program (Treasure Hunt, Challenge Tour, Mystery Trail) and location. The application Terra Hunt runs in on-line mode providing you with current information about whereabouts and scores of yourself and the other teams all the time. Thus, you know in every moment of the game whether you are loosing (and you need to try harder) or winning (and you can give yourself a beer break). Moreover, each tablet is equipped by a camera and its usage during the game is encouraged by our instructors. Hereby, you can enjoy making team selfies at the exquisite places you visit while playing the game.

The Ending of the Program

The game has a time limit and when it's over you have 15 minutes to get to the "Meeting point". To find it easily, you will see the admin's tablet as the "Meeting point" half an hour before the end of the game. Meeting point can be the same place where you have started the game or another place of your choice (i.e. a restaurant, a pub or your hotel).
When everyone arrives at the meeting point, our realization team announces and rewards the winners. In the following days you receive photos from the tablets and also from the beginning and the end of the program.

Staff and Technical Support for the Event

Our realization team consists of professional instructors who are ready to assist you in case you need any help. You get a visit card with a number to call if any technical issues or other inconveniences occur. If your group is bigger, we use sound equipment to be heard properly. In case of rain or snow, everyone gets a disposable raincoat and there is an umbrella and waterproof tablet cover for each team.


Customization of the Programs

We are able to adjust the playing field of your chosen game according to your wishes. If you like, we can also add your own questions about your company or anything else to our standard set of questions.