Organized Event

Organized Event
We have created a large number of games in the TerraHunt system. There are three types of games - Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail and Challenge Tour. Each of them has its specifics and advantages which are described in the details of these games.

However, what players, resp. teams play, are called Events. An Event is actually a game launched with certain parameters giving the game an order, rules, and also privacy.

In each of the following articles, we'll look at a specific type of launch:

  1. Organized Event

  2. Individual Event

  3. Public Event Vs. Private Event

  4. Indoor Event

Characteristics of an Organized Event

Organized Event is a way of launching the game, which (as the name suggests) is suitable for one-time organized events.

Time allowance for the game

It is assumed that the game will be played within a specific time interval (for example 3 hours), so the system is set to start the game at 15:00 and end the game at 18:00. Outside this time interval, players cannot play the game or see it anywhere in the application (only on the server in the control interface). You will also know you are playing an Organized Event by the way your timer runs. In this case, the timer runs by counting down to 0, which is the end of the Event. Thus, you can always see exactly how much time you have left until the end of the game.

Players can complete the game only once

Nobody wants players to cheat, right? Like quitting the game and trying to play again from the beginning to "fix" the incorrectly answered questions. Therefore, an Organized Event can only be played once. If the player ends (or interrupts) the game, but manage to log in again during the Event, he will only see the treasures he has not yet completed. It's just fair to everyone, everyone has the same conditions.

In real time and against real opponents

An Organized Event is usually run for several teams or players competing in real time. On the map, everyone can see the current position of other teams in real time and also their actual number of points.

Who is an Organized Event suitable for?

It is especially suitable for corporate events and organized events for children and adults. This type of launch will be used mainly by teambuilding and event companies, children's and youth homes, youth organizations, schools, organizers of children's camps, festivals or other mass organizations.

Map for orientation after the end of the game

As soon as players complete all the treasures or the Event time expires, statistics will appear on their screens. It's the same for both Organized and Individual Events. The specialty of Organized Events is that after the statistics, the teams will be shown a map on their tablet (mobile phone) with their location (and the location of other teams) to ease their navigation in an unknown location, for example to the meeting point. This function is especially suitable for the organization of corporate events for foreign teams, which are usually a bit lost in the location. In this way, they can navigate, for example, to a restaurant where the program will be evaluated.

What type of Event am I playing?

If you are at an organized event organized by Z-AGENCY s.r.o. or any of the contractors, you will probably play an Organized Event. You will know this, among other things, according to the timer, which will be displayed as a countdown. If you play one of the publicly launched games, you will most likely play an Individual Event.