Remote Team Building Trial Game

Remote Team Building Trial Game

Do you want to adapt to a new market of on-line team building events? Are you looking for new competitive products for your clients? We are looking for new businsess partners. Try our virtual team building for free!

On-line Programs Are the New Standard

The corporate stock market has changed dramatically due to the pandemic. Many companies have already bet on a virtual online corporate event before Christmas. In the autumn season, we implemented dozens of on-line events. By far the most popular programs in our offer are virtual escape games.

We have now created a "best of" of these games that you can play and consider whether the program is suitable for your clients. Just create a corporate team (2-3 people), sign up for one of the dates and dedicate 90 minutes of your time.

What Awaits You

You will try out the way in which online programs are implemented and you will get an idea of what our corporate team building can look like. You can play solo. But if you join with colleagues, you will try out how cooperation takes place in virtual teams. Both sample programs will be held in English.

  • 15 min - introductory meeting with explanation of the rules via MS Teams or Zoom

  • 45 min - virtual escape game, a total of 10 questions from 5 different games

  • 10 min - final meeting with the announcement of the winning team

Join the Trial Event

Choose a date:
One week before the event, we will send you detailed information about the event and a link to the introductory meeting via Zoom or MS Teams to the above email. If you don't use Zoom or MS Teams in your company - it doesn't matter. You can also use their web versions to experience the program.


Modern Team Programs

Join the companies that follow modern trends. Take advantage of the power and capabilities of virtual on-line programs. We will be happy to show you everything and explain it to you.