Web Administration Guide

Web Administration Guide
The description of items and functions accessible in web administration for basic TerraHunt users. 

System Login

The administration is located on the web address public.terrahunt.com. Use the same login details as to the app.

The List of Events

Basic user can access only the Events section. The user can see a list of Public Events (available to everyone) and those played by him/her here. Moreover, there are startup codes to invite friends to play the same Event together. To simplify the orientation, the section is divided into Future, Active and Finished Events.

Event Details

After clicking on an Event name, the user accesses the Event details. His/her results and the results of his/her playmates are placed there. In case of an Outdoor Event, there is also a map of all treasures and the current position of each player during the game. If the players take photos while playing the game, a common event photogallery appears in there.

An Indoor Event Detail

An Outdoor Event Detail

User Details

To access User details, click on the user icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The user can edit his/her personal details here but also view a list of played events, photos or created games.


Further information

Advanced operations in web administration are designed for event managers and partners who are trained personally by us.

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