The route of a Challenge Tour game is clearly set as well as the order of quests. This type of game makes a perfect choice in case you mean for everyone to visit each point. It can also serve as an engaging alternative to a traditional guided city tour.

  • Pre-arranged route
  • Fixed order of the quests
  • Same route for all players
  • Tourist guide or a game with a story

Outdoor Game with Tablets

We offer full servis including preparation and administration of the game, tablets provision, customization of questions and support of our experienced realization team during the game. We provide tablets with data SIM cards with permanent internet connection. Thus, you are given an opportunity to watch the progress of other teams, their exact location and score. You also get an immediate feed back on your answers along with correct solution and its explanation.

Who Is the Game for?

Challenge Tour is more suitable for groups of small or medium size. At the beginning of the game, teams tend to move together but they get separated later depending on their pace and speed of solving questions. Challenge Tour can be converted into a smart multimedia tourist guide as well as into an adventurous game with a story.

Where Can You Play?

We are ready to prepare for you a turn-key game in any location of your choice. However, we recommend sightseeing routes in Prague, Český Krumlov or Mikulov. Very popular option is also Cycling GPS Tour Lednice-Valtice where you can enjoy not only the GPS game but cycling as well.

Course of the Event

The program has a clear, time-tested structure. For more detailed information about a Treasure Hunt event check the article The Course and Structure of an Corporate Event.

Question Structure

The number of points you can get for answering a question correctly doesn't depend only on its difficulty but also on a time limit. The order of tasks is fixed and clearly illustrated by numbers. Teams have to follow the order of questions precisely. The application will show them the exact distance from their current location to the next quest. Each quest consists of several parts:

  1. Introduction - represents a first look on the question's topic. Players have plenty of time to read it through because the countdown hasn't started yet.

  2. Question - introduces the task itself and in most cases also offers options you can choose from to solve it. The countdown is running.

  3. Help - can be used while answering some questions. Using it, however, comes at a price as it reduces number of points you get for a correct answer.

  4. Explanation - tells you if you were right or wrong and also reveals correct answer.

The structure and content of questions can differ depending on the type of the game. In case of tourist guide the quests will mainly contain information about the sights. On the other hand, games linked with a story will be more focused on competition and fun.

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