The Miller's Challenge

The Miller's Challenge Treasure Hunt at Šafránek's Mill with outdoor activities

Šafránek's Mill and its surroundings
47 treasures
2 - 5 hours

Šafránek’s Mill is a part of the Upper Svratka Highlands landscape at least from the middle of 17th century. What used to be humble house somewhere in Moravia evolved into a productive mill and sawmill. Today it doesn’t ground oats or cut wood anymore but welcomes guests as hotel. Those who decide to stay overnight or stop by for a lunch can also enjoy the beautiful nature around and the stunning views of the Loučka River. We felt inspired by the history and location of this magical place and created a special Treasure Hunt game with outdoor activities The Miller’s Challenge.

Treasure Hunt at Šafránek’s Mill

Šafránek’s Mill offers one hundred beds, their services are exemplary, and the prices are very good, which makes it a perfect place for organizing a team building event for a bigger group. Take your colleagues or business partners and come enjoy nature, try some unusual activities and compete with other teams for the sweet taste of victory! The Miller’s Challenge is a GPS game for two to twenty teams. Still curious about Treasure Hunt? Learn more about how it works here.

Corporate event in nature

With your team you will take up The Miller’s Challenge, go explore the pure nature and most importantly try to find virtual treasures. You will be able to see their location thanks to our Terra Hunt application, run on tablets we will borrow you. Once you reach the location of the treasure, the application will give you an intriguing question or a challenge facilitated by our instructor. The game can present you with a mathematical riddle, a real-life situation requiring logical thinking, an elaborate riddle or just a fun and easy question to tickle your imagination (and laughing muscles). You can be for example solving 3D puzzles, shoot with bow and arrow or try to construct and then walk over a bridge.  If you answer correctly or complete the challenge, you will earn points. The team with the highest amount of points will win a sweet financial prize.

Fun team building game for everyone

It is a competition, but it is entirely up to you and your team how you will approach it. You can aim for victory since the very beginning and run a lot, or you can choose a more laid-back strategy and enjoy the silence and peacefulness of the forest (or a beer or two in the restaurant). You will always know how many points you have, how are the others doing and where they are, because the Terra Hunt application is updating constantly and showing all this data in the real time.

How can you adapt it?

Preparation, organization, facilitation, practical challenges, our team will take care of everything. Your only goal will be to enjoy the event with your colleagues to the maximum. Each company is different, and everyone would like different outdoor activities. That’s why the first price offer you will receive does not include the price for facilitated activities. When you contact us, our sales representative will discuss with you the many options for outdoor activities and will help you choose the best ones for you.

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GPS game with outdoor activities in nature