Find the stolen wine!

Find the stolen wine! Detective team building game at the Winery U Kapličky

Winery U Kapličky and its surroundings
25 mysteries
2 - 5 hours

Find the stolen wine! is a team detective game with interactive GPS application on tablets. It was created especially for the beautiful area around Winery u Kapličky at the heart of sunny South Moravia. It combines the best of our programs – modern GPS game, corporate team building event with an intriguing story, interesting outdoor activities and of course the nature and gastronomy of an iconic winery in South Moravia.

Company event in a South Moravian winery

Winery U Kapličky is one of the biggest wineries in South Moravia. It was founded in 2005 but draws on more than thousand years of wine making in this region. In this winery you can find everything you could possibly want for your company event. You can organize your workshops or other daytime activities in one of congressional halls, regain your strengths in the restaurant, taste local wines in several wine cellars, relax in wellness facilities and then dream about the great day that you just experienced in a hotel with 267 beds, all on the grounds of the winery U Kapličky. One of the things you surely won’t forget is also the beautiful nature around and the stunning views on vineyards and picturesque villages of Zaječí and Přítluky.  

Modern program with tablets and a detective element

Once you agree to start your journey of a detective trying to find the stolen wine, you and your colleagues will be divided into investigative teams. In your team, your goal will be to search for a box of an extremely rare wine, stolen from the Winery U Kapličky. You will venture in the suddenly dangerous streets of the Zaječí village and explore the surroundings of the winery. You and your investigative team will have to inspect crime scenes, solve mysteries and collect as many clues and points as possible. You won’t wander aimlessly, because the police department provided each team with a tablet that will guide you to all the places you should visit. On each location you will need to solve a mystery and answer correctly to a question and collect precious points for the game. You will have fun, get to know your colleagues better and practice your strategical planning, logical thinking and time management.

What can you look forward to?  

When playing the Find the stolen wine! game you can decide between two options. Either you can search for the wine with the tablets and enjoy a great Treasure Hunt game with a story, or you can be adventurous and choose the even more engaging option that includes many outdoor activities. During this quest to find the stolen wine you will be able to test your senses, solve a mysterious murder, locate precious paintings that disappeared from the local gallery and much more. You can enjoy up to ten outdoor activities where you will be welcome by our facilitators in stylish costumes. We recommend this option to everyone, but most of all to bigger groups. Contact us and we will help you choose the right program for your company, expectations and budget. The price offer that you will receive automatically upon placing an enquiry is for the option without activities.

More corporate team building programs in South Moravia

South Moravia is a region full of beautiful nature, stunning historical sites and world-famous wines. In the nearby Lednice you can enjoy not one, not two, but three interactive GPS-based team building games for companies. Treasure Hunt Lednice, Treasure Hunt Lednice with outdoor activities and Cycling tour Lednice-Valtice will guide you through this breathtaking area where the natural and man-made combine almost seamlessly. Another gem of the Pálava highlands is the picturesque town of Mikulov, where we also hid a lot of treasures for you to search for. There is much more that South Moravia can offer!

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Company event with a detective story