The Night Magic of Prague

The Night Magic of Prague Treasure Hunt Prague game for companies in the night

Prague, Lesser Town, Castle District, Old Town
52 treasures
2 - 4 hours

Prague - heart of Europe, Prague – mother of cities, Prague and its hundreds of towers. The beloved beautiful capital of Czech Republic is, maybe with Český Krumlov, the favorite of foreign tourists. We love Prague too and that’s why we created many team building programs for companies in this stunning historical city.

Treasure Hunt Prague

Treasure Hunt Prague is a geolocation game for companies. Our team will divide you into teams, borrow you GPS tablets with the TerraHunt application and explain you the rules of the game. You will look for treasures in the picturesque streets of Prague. When you find a treasure and reach its physical location with your tablet, the TerraHunt app will ask you a question or dare you to complete a challenge. If you answer correctly or do the challenge, you will get precious points. The team with the highest amount of points will win a sweet prize, but the other teams will win too – by having a lot of fun and creating unforgettable memories with their colleagues.

Where will you go?

The historical center of Prague is not only very beautiful and very famous, but also very big. We created treasures and questions in every part of the center, so can choose from exploring the Old Town, the Lesser Town of Prague or the Castle district. Doesn’t matter if you have only two hours to spare or want to wander the streets of Prague for a whole afternoon, we can adjust the number of questions to suit your needs and provide a great experience.

Night Treasure Hunt Prague

We love to do the Treasure Hunt Prague anytime, any season. Prague is beautiful in the summer, but also during the romantic autumn or snowy winter has its unforgettable magic. But what to do if you need to start the program after working hours, when in the winter it is already dark? Will you be able to find out the answers to the right questions? Won’t they be hidden in the shadows? Don’t worry, we got you! We went through all our treasures and questions again and adapted them so that you can enjoy the game even in the night.

Discover the night magic of Prague

What started as an effort to mitigate the problems faced by players in the dark winter months turned into creating another awesome game experience that will show you Prague (quite literally) in another light. If during the day you can see the reminders of its rich and complicated history, in the night you can almost feel all the fascinating stories of aristocrats and peasants, kings and invaders, alchemists and bakers, that once walked these streets. The main buildings of Prague are elaborately illuminated and create an atmosphere in which history and present and magic and reason can, maybe just for one night, exists together.
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Generali Pojišťovna a.s.

Great program! Our managers played Night Treasure Hunt in Prague on 13th November 2018 and enjoyed it very much!!! Many thanks to Z-AGENCY.

Marie Jestříbková - Event manager

Company event in night Prague