Mystery Trail Marianské udolí Brno

Mystery Trail Marianské udolí Brno GPS team game Mystery Trail near Brno

Brno - Mariánské údolí - Líšeň
17 treasures
3 hours

Mariánské údolí is one of the favorite places for people from Brno and other visitors who are looking for nature and relaxation. Here, you can enjoy a pleasant walk, a bike trip or a swim in the river, which is meandering through the valley. You can stop in several restaurants and choose from tasty looking refreshments.

When visiting, you shouldn’t miss the local mills - the Kadlecův or Kaprálův mlýn. The latter serves as an international Scout base and an ecological center of the Moravian Karst. You can also explore the Pekárna cave, a protected natural monument of the Czech Republic.

How does the Mystery Trail work?

The Mystery Trail is the younger (and some might say more adventurous) brother of the popular Treasure Hunt. The main difference is that in the game, you have no idea where the game is leading you and where you’ll go next. At any point in the game, you‘ll know only the next location you should reach and how far you are away from it. When you reach it, you will be presented with a question or a riddle and after you solve it, the next location will be revealed.

All teams can go through the Mystery Trail and their goal is to collect as many points for correctly answered questions as possible. Mystery Trail is a game full of adrenaline, motivation, and adventure, which literally "squeezes" the best out of you. You’ll need fast legs, quick judgment and teamwork to succeed and win the game. The team with the most points can look forward to an excellent reward! But all teams will get the recognition they deserve. In the end, they will surely find something good to drink and eat to replenish their energy.

Mysterious tasks and questions

What can you expect during the Mystery Trail? For example, you will have the task to help a Greek architect with the housing problem of a young family, you can relax on the playground and train with the future athletes or search for a famous person. You’ll also see how it feels to be a Hollywood director and attempt to build the stairs to heaven. Long story short, you can look forward to a lot of fun!

Would you like to spice things up even more? Choose one or more activities from our wide list comprising of sport (archery, sports blowers or throwing stars), logical (Pandora's cabinets, tangrams and more) or cooperative (murder investigation or building a bridge).

Other versions of Mystery Trail around Brno

If you are interested in the idea of ​​playing the Mystery Trail game, call us or use the contact form and we will arrange all the details. If Mariánské údolí is not the perfect location for you, you can choose another one in Brno.
A thrilling expedition to the city jungle will take you from the lookout tower on Kamenný vrch over Libušino Valley and Červený kopec to the city center. If you want to focus on the city center and enjoy the beauty of Brno architecture to the fullest, then the classic Treasure Hunt Brno is a perfect fit for you. And in case you prefer nature and greenery, but aren’t a fan of the Mystery Trail, Prýgl Hunt around the Brno dam will not disappoint you!

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