Secrets of the Lesser Town of Prague

Secrets of the Lesser Town of Prague Treasure Hunt program on the left bank of the Vltava River

Prague - Lesser Town and Castle
40 treasures
1,5 - 3 hours

The Lesser Town of Prague was the place where the kings and aristocrats ruled the country and the best artists created their timeless pieces. Cross the Charles Bridge and enter a labyrinth of picturesque streets where secrets of old houses, hidden alleys and romantic little squares survive to this day. Come explore this part of beautiful Prague with our GPS-based team building game Treasure Hunt The Secrets of the Lesser Town

Treasure Hunt game around the Prague Castle

The streets of Lesser Town of Prague are often confusing and treacherous, but you will always find the right way. How? You will have your trusted advisor with you, a GPS tablet with our Terra Hunt application. The goal of your team will be to find virtual treasures in the Lesser Town, answer questions and get as many points as possible – or at least more than your competitors. You can choose the game strategy by yourself, so it is entirely up to you if you will be running all the time or decide to test the quality of local beer in some restaurants. If some of the other teams decide to stop for a refreshment, you will know it, because you will always see their real-time position on your map, as well as how many points you and the other teams have.

Explore the magic of Prague with your company

Do you think that you know Prague like the back of your hand? Maybe, but there are still secrets you can uncover. The New World, romantic gardens of Petřín, bronze frogs, Lennon’s wall and scary gigantic toddlers will allow you to see the capital of Czech Republic in a different way. Forget about your phone, open your eyes, think logically and release your imagination! The Lesser Town and Hradčany offer dozens of treasures with intriguing questions or challenges to complete. Each team member will find their favorite questions and will be able to help their squad to succeed. Some are better at seeing interesting details on a baroque facade, others will figure out a number riddle and someone else will be awesome at completing our funny challenges. The role of a chief strategist and a motivator are also very important! Treasure Hunt is a team building game for all ages and interests.

Professional event management

Prague is full of tourists and locals, hungry to enjoy its beautiful sights. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you need to organize an event for your company and colleagues. That’s when our seasoned professionals come in. We will prepare the game, meet you in the center of Prague or in your hotel, explain the rules and how to use the TerraHunt application, borrow you the tablets and start the game. During your Treasure Hunt we will always be just a phone call away. And at the end of the game we will award the winning team with a sweet financial prize. You and all the other participants will be able to enjoy the magic of Prague without worrying about anything.

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Prague is vast and full of treasures, so you can also enjoy the Treasure Hunt Prague Old Town Treasures on the right bank of the Vltava river, explore the whole city during Treasure Hunt Prague or taste the exciting atmosphere of Prague at night with Treasure Hunt The Night Magic of Prague. If you are even more adventurous, maybe you would be interested in our Challenge Tour or Mystery Trail programs! Just contact us and we will help you choose the best program for you.

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Sleighdogs GmbH

Despite april weather, we have enjoyed Treasure Hunt in the hearth of Prague with our "pack" very much. We experienced lot of fun and even enjoyed a bit of running. The organization was perfect, thank you!

Tereza Švarcbachová

Treasure Hunt around the Prague Castle