Treasure Hunt Telč

Treasure Hunt Telč Company events in an UNESCO site

Historical center and nature trail
54 treasures
2 - 4 hours

Come play the Treasure Hunt team building game in the stunning city of Telč! You will look for treasures not only in the historical center and its surroundings, but also in a more remote parts of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Can you find all the 54 treasures we have hidden in Telč?  The TerraHunt application in the tablets will lead you through the must-see sites and beautiful nooks and interesting places that normal tourists never find.

Company event with a modern team building game

When playing Treasure Hunt, you don’t have to worry about anything, we will take care of the whole event. Our team will meet you in your hotel or another location in the city, explain the rules and how to use the TerraHunt application, and borrow you the tablets. You and your team will start you journey to find as many treasures as possible, and most importantly answer as many questions as possible to earn points. You will always know how you are doing also in comparison to other teams, can see where your competitors are at any given time. So, if someone decides to go for a coffee, everyone will know.
The game strategy is entirely up to you. Some teams are going for the win and almost run around the whole city, others prefer to enjoy the breathtaking views a bit longer and maybe test the quality of local coffee and cakes. It doesn’t matter which strategy you will pick, you will always have a lot of fun and will go home with great memories of your colleagues and the beautiful city of Telč.

Come enjoy Telč!

Telč is famous for its stunning renaissance castle, reminding us of architectural masterpieces from sunny Italy. After the visit to the Castle, you can regain strength in one of the great restaurants on the main square. But restaurants are not the only interesting thing on the main square of Telč. Tourists and locals alike are taken aback by the diverse arcades, facades and shields of the houses in the historical center. Many of those houses are there since the 15th century and have the magical ability to make visitors feel like they are in a fairytale.

Treasures full of inspiration

In Telč it is very easy to daydream about dragons, princes and princesses. We didn’t see any living dragons (yet!), but we spot many interesting and funny details that remain hidden to most of the regular tourists in the city. What are the Saints on the main square up to? What about the spies near the Municipal Office? What does the man guarding this quite house do for living? Where does the local waterman live? All of this and more you will be able to discover during Treasure Hunt Telč. This team building game is not about your knowledge of history, but your observation skills, logical thinking and imagination. All team members will find some questions they will enjoy.
We do Treasure Hunts and other TerraHunt games all around Czech Republic! Contact us and we will help you choose the right program for you, your company and budget.

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DEK a.s.

Treasure Hunt Telč wasn't one of the ready-to-use games, however, Z-AGENCY tailored it for us with a perfection. The organization of the program was professionally handled. Thus, this teambuilding for our financial department became very entertaining and beneficial event. I can highly recommend to orthodox non-athletes and office lazybones.

Lucie Vlachopulosová

Team building Treasure Hunt game in Telč