Treasure Hunt Žilina

Treasure Hunt Žilina Team building in the foothills of the Malá Fatra mountains

Žilina - center
42 treasures
2 - 3 hours

The beautiful Slovak city of Žilina served for hundreds of years to travelers and merchants as the last place to rest before attempting to cross the high mountain chain of Malá Fatra. Žilina’s city landscape is marked by the junction of the Váh and Kysuc rivers and the towering mountains on the horizon. Easily reachable from both Brno, Vienna and Bratislava, today it is a popular starting point for exploration of the nearby mountains and their nature.

How does Treasure Hunt Žilina work?

Do you know geocaching? Our Treasure Hunt program takes the best out of this popular activity and includes it an interactive game with GPS tablets. Our team building game for companies is modern, online and even more fun! During the Treasure Hunt Žilina you as the participant and your team will try to find virtual treasures, shown on their map in the Terra Hunt application, in the real streets of this pretty city.
Motivated by the competition and the sweet prize to be awarded to the winners, you will find one treasure after the other. But it is not that simple! When you reach a treasure, you will be presented with a question to answer or a challenge to complete. If you are successful, your team will earn points and will be that much closer to becoming the champion of your company event. We are not preparing a history test for you, the questions are fun and not so hard, and you will always find the answer somewhere close.

Teambuilding game for everyone

The strategy of the game is totally up to you – some teams like to take it easy, others chase the victory from the very beginning. Whichever approach you will choose, you will always see the number of points you and your competitors have, and where everyone is. So, if you’ll notice that one team didn’t move from the location next to the Zeppelin pub, you can come and join them for a beer (or two).

Professional event management

When you choose our Treasure Hunt game for your colleagues or clients, you’ll just need to congratulate yourself on a job well done, tell us the details of the event and then just sit back and relax. Our team will take care of everything, from the beginning till the end of the game and even beyond. We will bring all materials, welcome you and all the participants and divide the teams. We will explain the rules of the game and how to use the Terra Hunt application, give the teams their tablets and start the game. During the game we will always be ready to assist you with any game-related challenges you might have and at the end we will award the winner. Here you can learn more about how we organize the game.

Great experiences during the city game

You will explore Žilina while hunting for 42 treasures hidden in the city center and its surroundings. Most people can’t visit all of them, but maybe you will be one of the few teams who will!  You will see the interesting train station, learn something about Slovakian art, solve the mystery of the heist in the bank, face the Žilina wolf, assess the deeds of a crazy agronomist and explore the beauty of a wooden church.  

What if it will rain?

Supposing that you are not from sugar, you don’t need to fear the rain. And even if you are, don’t worry! Our team will give each of you a rain jacket and each team a big colorful umbrella and elegant waterproof case for your tablet.

Team building in English or Slovak

We prepared the game in a way that you can play it in Czech, English or Slovak! Just choose the language and contact us to discuss the details. If you are not sure which program to pick, let us know and we will help you decide. If you are up to something more adventurous, check out our new programs Mystery Trail or Challenge Tour. And if you know Slovakia very well and need a change of scenery, explore our offer in Moravia or Bohemia!

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Team building with GPS tablets in center of Žilina