Ultimate Moravia Quest

Ultimate Moravia Quest GPS team building in Moravian Karst

Moravian Karst, Brno
30 - 45 challenges
4 - 8 hours

A tablet, a power bank, a torch, proper gloves, pen and paper, a first aid kit, day ticket for train and a mysterious sealed envelope. That’s what will be inside the package you will receive at the beginning your adventure called Ultimate Moravia Quest. You will go on a journey with our Mystery Trail program, that will take you to places you didn’t even dream about visiting.

Be an explorer with Ultimate Moravia Quest

We don’t want to give away too much, but at least we can tell you that your quest will start in Brno and it will take you also to the pure nature and mysterious valleys of Moravian Karst. Our team will meet you in Brno and divide you into teams. Then we will give you your survival packages and explain the rules of the adventure. Your main guide in the game will be a tablet with our Terra Hunt application. The tablet will always show you the next location where you need to go and how far away from you it is. When you reach it, the application will give you a question or a challenge. If you answer correctly or complete the task, you will gain points and see the next step of the Ultimate Moravia Quest. If you fail, don’t worry, you still can continue! But first, you will need to reach a penalization station. Only after successfully completing that will you be able to return to the main quest. The goal is to reach the end of the quest and in the process gain as many points as possible to beat your opponents.

Team building full of emotions and adventure

Excitement, fun, happiness, but maybe also helplessness and despair. All of that you might feel during the Ultimate Moravia Quest. It will test your abilities to be real heroes. If you will be very successful, you will find thirty questions or tasks at thirty locations. If you will fail often, you can increase that number by up to fifteen penalization stations. At some of the locations you will be presented with intriguing questions that will evaluate your logical thinking, observation skills or imagination. But there will be also those locations where team cooperation and practical skills will be crucial. You will be welcomed by our facilitators, who will dare you to complete an activity, such as shooting a bow and arrow or escaping imminent flood with just some wood and a rope.

Get your hero gear ready

No matter how successful you will be on the quest, at the end of it you will receive a well-deserved prize. But beware! Ultimate Moravia Quest is an outdoor adventure in the wild nature of South Moravia. So be ready for it. Take clothes suitable for expected weather, outdoor shoes and at least a small backpack with food and snacks.

Bespoke corporate event

We can adapt the program to your needs and desires. You can play in Czech or in English, include different types of activities and chose the duration of the game. When you contact us, we will discuss your preferences and budget with you, and help you create a program that will be an unforgettable experience for your colleagues and won’t break your budget. You can also check out other team building programs, such as popular Treasure Hunt or sporty Challenge Tour

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