Stop the drug lord!

Stop the drug lord! Mobile mystery game Escape Box and GPS game Treasure Hunt

35 treasures
3 - 5 hours

Enjoy the best of team building games and escape rooms! We combined our top program, GPS game Treasure Hunt, with our newest addition, Escape Box (exit game program), to create an adventurous thematical program. Stop the drug lord! includes the best of both worlds – outdoor Treasure Hunt with exploring a city and indoor Escape Box full of riddles, puzzles and brain teasers. Up to thirty people (five teams) can try to defeat a drug lord and halt in his evil plan.

Treasure Hunt

Stop the drug lord! is a team building program for companies or groups of friends who want to test their brains and have fun together. The program has two parts, first one being GPS-based game Treasure Hunt.  During this game your team and your competitors will try to find treasures in the location, answer intriguing questions connected to the places where the treasures are hidden. The goal of each team is to gain as many points as possible and be able to board a boat (fictional or a real one). This one is trying to smuggle a shipment of drugs and weapons from the infamous and cruel drug lord. He must be stopped!

Escape Box

The second part of the program will take part in the hotel or other indoor place. Escape Box differs from the traditional escape rooms in that it is mobile, and we can take you on the ride on the drug lord’s ship pretty much anywhere. The teams who did the best during the Treasure Hunt will have some advantages, but nothing is lost for the other team either. Anyone can be the one to put a big red STOP sign on the nefarious activities of the drug lord! You receive all the information and materials you need once you board the ship. Your goal is to crack the codes and open the suitcases of the drug lord and get the money he is hiding inside. The team who will get their hands on the drug lord’s money first will win.

How does it work?

Do you think organizing such an awesome program must be a lot of work? Well, it is, but not for you! When you contact us, we will discuss your preferences and goals of the program and adapt the length and difficulty of the program to the needs of your company. On the day of the game, you just come with your colleagues, enjoy the Treasure Hunt, and then try to steal the drug lord’s money. Our team will take care of all the practicalities, explain everything, borrow the material, award the winners and send the photos. Come and take part in an unforgettable adventure!

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Treasure Hunt and Escape Box in any location