Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure

Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure Virtual or Outdoor Team Escape Game

Any location or remote
20 treasures
2 - 3 hours

Treasure Hunt With an Adventurous Story

Idaho McLovin, the most famous archaeologist in the world, has chosen you for his team! Your task is to help him find the lost treasure of the Aztec Empire. Idaho had the mysterious object within his grasp when he was searching for it in Central America with his fiancée Julietta von Schwartz.

McLovin was betrayed by his loved one and left in a pitch-dark cell full of poisonous snakes and tarantulas. Idaho, however, got out of his prison and continues to search for the legendary treasure. Last month, several pieces of Aztec gold from an unknown source appeared in your city. Your mission is to find as many pieces of the bloody gold...

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Remote On-line Team Building

Idaho McLovin and the Lost Aztec Treasure is a Treasure Hunt team building program. You can look forward to twenty tasks, puzzles, and riddles that are linked together by an engaging story full of adventure in the style of the Indiana Jones movies. The description of each task or riddle is full of beautiful stylish graphics. You will be accompanied on your journey by our virtual heroes - Idaho McLovin and Julietta von Schwartz.

You can complete the virtual version of the program directly in your web browser (Windows and iOS) either in the individual competition version or in the virtual team competition. You can also complete the online version of the program on your mobile or tablet. Thanks to the virtual program, you can organize a corporate event for home-office employees, or play with colleagues from abroad.

GPS Version of Team Program

We will place individual "treasures" in the area. It doesn't matter if you want to hold the event in the city center or in the wild nature. Our implementation team will take care of everything. We will prepare the game on tablets, start it, explain the rules and lend all the tools (tablets, blocks, pens). We will also be available during the game. Finally, we will evaluate the game and reward the best team.

We can also run the program remotely on your mobile device. All you have to do is download the mobile application and we will send you a QR code with the full version of the game.

What Can you Look Forward To?

During the game, you will search for traces of Aztec gold in the tombs of mummies, face the traps of the treacherous Julietta, try to tell the truths from the natives' testimony, remember the golden times at Oxford University and build a new archeological communication network. There is simply a lot waiting for you. If the layout of the area allows it, it is possible to expand the virtual treasures with real physical activities.

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Adventurous Treasure Hunt in any location