Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse Team-based Treasure Hunt game with an adventurous story

Any location or remote
20 treasures
2,5 hours

Treasure Hunt game with an adventurous story

Transport yourself forward in time to the year 2078. The world is in chaos and suffers from endless zombie attacks. The ubiquitous radioactivity has unexpectedly transformed a peaceful population into blood-thirsty monsters with superhuman in speed, superior fighting capabilities and a thirst for cruelty. These creatures feed on human flesh. Those, who managed to retain their humanity, joined the resistance under the leadership of two legendary military strategists. Mexican Army General Carlos and Soviet Union hero Yuri now cooperate and with their military genius are destroying one zombie group after another.

But, hope still remains. The researchers found that there is a serum! The more of the serum you get, the more resistant you are to the effects of the zombie bites, and your strength and power increase. Now, your mission is to collect as many serum ampoules as possible to create the foundations of a new civilization!

How does the Zombie Apocalypse unfold?

Zombie Apocalypse is a Treasure Hunt program. You will be divided into teams of 4-5 people, each team will receive a game tablet. Our instructors will explain the rules, how the Treasure Hunt game works and how to control the tablet. Besides, you will get a notepad and pens to help you solve the riddles and puzzles. Your goal is to visit as many locations and decipher as many puzzles as possible

This program is full of complicated ciphers, intriguing puzzles, and logical questions. The game is more suitable for more experienced players or for teams who like real challenges.

You can look forward to during the Zombie Apocalypse?

During the game, you’ll be faced with twenty tasks, lots of black humor and beautiful visuals. Virtual heroes Carlos, Juanita, Yuri or Natasha will accompany you throughout the game. Of course, the winning team will receive a reward! Our instructors will support you during the game.

The Treasure Hunt Zombie Apocalypse will make your search for radioactive strontium, figure out how many combat drones you need against the zombie army and attempt to carry away a chest full of TNT. But that's not all! You‘ll lead the search-and-rescue mission for Yuri, embark on a risky assignment to get the last remnants of fuel from a hovercraft wreck and will attempt to bomb a zombie nest. If you survive, you can enjoy deciphering the cute chatter of your zombie pets. In short, there’s a lot of adventures to look forward to!

Zombie Apocalypse anywhere

This Treasure Hunt program can be implemented at any location you choose. It was created in Brno, but if you wish, the zombies can appear in any city in the Czech Republic, as well as in the open fields around hotels and resorts.

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