Pirates of the Pacific form

Pirates of the Pacific

Outdoor or Virtual
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
2-3 hrs
Common program length
In this virtual escape game you will become pirates and your crew will visit 24 islands. Your mission will be to find as many lost treasures of the pirate Grand Admiral Chatty Servez as possible. In case of a virtual game we recommend around 2 hrs. If you prefer to sail your ship in the outdoors, we encourage you to reserve around 3 hrs.

Don't forget the pirate's cry: Drink the rum, won´t get dumb!

About the program

You can look forward to 24 treasures of medium difficulty. This is a scavenger hunt type game, i.e. in the case of the outdoor realization you will visit the treasures of your choice. In addition to your intellect, you can also use your own strategy.

As a member of a pirate crew you will compete not only for the captain´s treasures, but also for the rule over the entire Pacific ocen! Both graphical and mathematical tasks await you. Lovers of ciphers, puzzles and brainteasers will definitely be amazed!

For whom the game is suitable

The game belongs to the intermediate level, but even beginners will enjoy it. It is also suitable for large groups of several hundred players. The game includes some edgier pirate humour, but is still socially correct.

If you play the game as a Treasure Hunt in the field, we recommend about 3 hours for the program. We will place the treasures in the terrain so that the physical difficulty of the game corresponds to the agreed conditions.

Optimal schedule:

  • 15 min - rules, control of tablets and app, division into teams

  • 120-150 min - playing in the field

  • 15 min - return, evaluation and announcement of winners

If you want to use the game for virtual teambuilding, we recommend a time allotment of 2 h. The game is facilitated by an instructor from the virtual studio.

Optimal schedule:

  • 15 min - rules and control of the web application via Zoom, Ms Teams or Google Meet

  • 90 min - realization of the game, individual teams are together in the Breakout Rooms

  • 10 min - evaluation and announcement of the winners

Pirates of the Pacific

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