The Rise of the Coolmen

Outdoor or Virtual
Mystery Trail
Main treasures/Penalty treasures
2-3 hrs
Common program length
In this virtual escape game, you'll venture into a world of the secret organisation Coolman, the protectors of justice and order. On a journey full of difficult tasks and challenges, 18 main treasures and possibly 12 penalty treasures await you. The virtual game requires approx. 1,5 hours, the outdoor game approx. 2,5 hours.

Become a superhero and right the injustices of this world!

About the program

This is a type of Mystery Trail game that has a clear beginning and end in the terrain and the treasures are placed along a predetermined route.

In the case of an outdoor game, you will only see one treasure on the map. If you answer the treasure question correctly, you will see another treasure. However, if you fail to do so, you will have to pass the penalty treasure before returning to the main route.

During the virtual game, both the main and the penalty questions are being displayed on the screen according to the success in answering them.

As candidates for the new generation of Coolmen, your brain threads will be thoroughly exercised. The game belongs among the harder ones. In addition to logical and graphical questions, you will also enjoy mathematical or combinatorial tasks.

For whom the game is suitable

The game is suitable for more advanced players or IT teams. It is characterized by a sharper humour and a certain amount of chauvinism, which will be appreciated especially by men's teams.

As the game is relatively low on social correctness, we recommend it for players with wide boundaries of humour.

Because sex, drugs and alcohol await you.

In the case of virtual teambuilding, reserve around 1.5 - 2 hours for the game. The game is facilitated by an instructor from the virtual studio.

Optimal schedule:

  • 10 min - rules and control via Zoom, Ms Teams or Google Meet

  • 90 min - realization of the game, individual teams play together in the Breakout Rooms

  • 10 min - evaluation and announcement of the winners

If you play the game as a Mystery Trail in an outdoor setting, we recommend a total time commitment of approximately 3 h. Players will follow a predetermined route and will have no alternative, and we recommend that you consider the length of the route very carefully. As teams will meet a lot on the route (they will share the identical route) we recommend to implement the game up to about 60 people.

Optimal schedule:

  • 15 min - rules, control of tablets and app, division into teams

  • 120-150 min - game in the field

  • 15 min - return, evaluation and announcement of winners

Download the TerraHunt app and play the demo:

The Rise of the Coolmen

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