Cycling tour Telč

Cycling tour Telč In the bike saddle around Telč

Bike route around Telč
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Telč is like a beautiful pearl hidden in the depths of the sea. Not a lot of people know about this stunning town, but once you see it, you will never forget it. The most unique part of Telč is its historical center, part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. The tourists marvel at the beauty of its Main Square, but let’s visit Telč in a more sporty and adventurous way. Cycling Tour Telč will offer you not only the chance to see the great architecture of Telč but will guide you to other adventures too. Enjoy your time in the heart of Czech Republic with this Challenge Tour game run on our Terra Hunt Application for tablets.

Modern team building in Telč with Terra Hunt

Your journey during your Cycling Tour Telč will take you to the beautiful and historically important places in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you will also venture to locations that remain hidden to most of the tourists and even the locals! Riding your bicycle, you will see Telč from another point of view and will reach also the natural wonders in its surroundings. You will explore the nature trail around Luh u Telče, observe deer and other animals at the animal preserve and you will savor the landscape of Vysočina from the top of the lookout tower in Oslednice.

Professional event management

Where do I get the tablets and the bikes, and what if something goes wrong, you ask? Don’t worry! We know that organizing a corporate team building event can be quite stressful. And we want you to enjoy quality time with your colleagues too! Our team will take care of everything, from the preparation of the game, preparing the location, explaining the rules, to borrowing the tablets, starting the game and awarding the best team. And during the whole game we are just a phone call away. The basic price offer doesn’t include the bikes, but we are happy to borrow them to you. When you contact us, we will help you choose the right program and will tell you the final price, based on how many bikes you will need. If you already have a set of bikes for your colleagues, just send us an enquiry and you can play even tomorrow! Treasure Hunt Telc is available as well.

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Corporate bike tour in Telč