GPS games
Modern geolocation games for company teams.
Amusing event in the city or outside it.
Financially affordable team building.
Several types of GPS games.
Treasure Hunt, Challenge Tour & Mystery Trail.
For both individuals and groups.
Contest events for 2 - 5 hours.
Treasure Hunt with entertaining questions and tasks.
Realization Team - Instructions - Support - Awarding.

Game Types


Treasure Hunt is a GPS-based game where playing teams move through designated area with a tablet searching for treasures, answering cunning questions and collecting as many points as possible. There is no fixed order of questions so it's up to teams to come up with the most efficient strategy to win the game. Becoming winners is undoubtedly the main goal but the game is also about having fun, getting to know each other and enjoying exquisite locations.


Mystery Trail is a perfect choice for players who look for a challenge. The route is clearly set as well as the order of quests. However, its exact form is unknown to players. They can only see one quest which has to be found and solved. In case their answer is correct, the next main point will appear on the map. If they answer incorrectly, the application will send them to a penalty point. They need to try to solve it (no matter how) to get back to the original route. 


The route of a Challenge Tour game is clearly set as well as the order of quests. This type of game makes a perfect choice in case you mean for everyone to visit each point. It can also serve as an engaging alternative to a traditional guided city tour.

Fullservis for Team Contests

  • Turn-Key Game
  • Realization Team on the Spot
  • Tablets Provided
  • Clear Game & App Explanation
  • Collective Game Start
  • Hotline Support
  • Winners Award
  • Team Photos & Selfies

Customer References

Nutricia a.s.
We enjoyed Treasure Hunt very much! Perfect organization, thoughtful, yet entertaining questions focused on a particular location. We enriched the game with two practical activities which made it even more diverting and added an interesting strategic element to it.
Tereza Čajanová
KPMG Czech Republic, s.r.o.

Z-AGENCY s.r.o. has organized for us great English Treasure Hunt in Prague. The realization team wasn't only professional but above all easy-going. Everyone loved the game with tablets! We experienced one of those afternoons in a city when you suddenly realize there are interesting things you wouldn't notice otherwise. Many thanks to Z-AGENCY for an excellent program! Highly recommendable to everyone.

Erika Fialová
DEK a.s.
Treasure Hunt Telč wasn't one of the ready-to-use games, however, Z-AGENCY tailored it for us with a perfection. The organization of the program was professionally handled. Thus, this teambuilding for our financial department became very entertaining and beneficial event. I can highly recommend to orthodox non-athletes and office lazybones.
Lucie Vlachopulosová
All References

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