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Remote Escape Games
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TerraHunt is a gaming platform for team based outdoor games, indoor games and virtual games.

In the case of outdoor games, individuals or teams search for treasures in the field using a map app installed on a phone or tablet. At the treasure site, the team must answer a question, figure out a cipher, guess a riddle or overcome a challenge.

For indoor or remote programs, players participate in virtual escape games or quizzes on mobile devices or in a computer's web browser. In this case, players don't have to go anywhere as they are shown one treasure after another on the screen. So they can play either in the room, in the office or at the home-office.

It is definition of a modern team building activity.
  • Outdoor, indoor and remote games

  • iOS, Android and web app

  • Team games in major city centers and in a terrain

  • Unlimited number of teams and players

  • ​Possibility to play anywhere in the world

  • Breathtaking and affordable team building activity

  • Service for corporate events (we come, explain, execute, evaluate)

High-tech activity for corporate events and team building
Treat your employees to an attractive team building event with a competitive program. Whether there are ten or ten thousand of you, you can all take part in a common gaming adventure at the same time. We can organise a Treasure Hunt both in the city and in the countryside, or bring your international work teams together with an online escape game hosted from our virtual studio.
Solution for hotels, travel agencies and event companies
Use the TerraHunt gaming platform for your corporate events, for interactive city tours, or as an entertainment option for your resort visitors. Use one of the already created games, have a custom game created, or create your own game.
Become a partner and do business with us
Become a local operator. Use a time-proven gaming platform for your business. We're happy to share our bestseller for corporate and team building events. Take advantage of our experience, know-how and gaming content. Explore all features and benefits of the TerraHunt gaming platform.

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