Treasure Hunt Brno

Treasure Hunt Brno Team building for companies in the historical center of Brno

Brno - historical center
53 treasures
2 - 3,5 hours

Fofr, šorem, na šíbrc... even if you can speak Czech, understanding those born and raised in Brno is sometimes hard. Especially when they start speaking in hantec, their German-influenced Czech dialect. But don’t worry, the questions in our Treasure Hunt Brno game are written in English. Just remember, that trams in Brno are called šalina! The inhabitants are proud of their hometown, which is the second biggest, but the coolest in the Czech Republic.

Team Building with Tablets in the Center of Brno

Treasure Hunt Brno is a program for companies or groups of friends who want to take part in an uncommon adventure. Doesn’t matter if you organize a series of workshops for your colleagues, a congress for the experts in your field or just want to enjoy the beauties of the Moravian capital, Treasure Hunt Brno is the right choice in each case. You don’t need any specific skills or materials to take part in this program, just your legs, eyes, brain and at least one hand. We even had participants who raced the game in high heels and business outfit! During Treasure Hunt you will explore Brno and its secrets, with a GPS-powered map as your companion, helper and challenger. You will hunt down treasures, answer questions and uncover hidden gems of this historical city.

The goal of this strategic team game is to earn as many points as possible by answering interesting and funny questions around the city. Whether you have 2 or 4 hours to play the game, speak English or Czech, visit Brno in the peak of summer or around Christmas, with Treasure Hunt Brno you will never get bored. During a short time, you will get to know Brno almost like a local, learn about the history and present of the city and have a lot of fun.

How Does the Treasure Hunt Brno Work?

When playing Treasure Hunt Brno, you can look forward to a complex event management. Our team will meet you at your company’s office, in a hotel you’re staying at or in a chosen location in Brno – for example our favorite park in front of the Janacek Theater. Our facilitators will explain the rules, set up the competition groups, provide tablets with the Terra Hunt application and explain the use of the application. They will start the game and will serve as your technical support during your hunt. All good competitions end with an awards ceremony and Treasure Hunt Brno is no exception. At the end of the game we will award the best team of the game.

What to Look forward to?

Brno is a city that has something for everybody. Students will find several universities, coffee lovers great cafes in the city center and history nerds many historical sites and monument. The most important of them is the Spilberk Castle. We recommend a visit, even though to get there you have to climb a not-so-little hill. On the top of the hill you can gain many more points for the Treasure Hunt Brno and feel like a conqueror of the never-conquered castle. Apart from historical exhibitions, the Spilberk Castle is often a host to exhibitions on different topics from music to art and design.

On the Cabbage Market (Zelný trh), where during the summer and autumn seasons you can buy the sweetest apples, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables from local producers, you can also see the baroque fountain Parnas. When admiring it, while munching on your apple, you will surely notice the mighty Hades, holding a chain of the three-headed dog Cerberus who guards the entrance to the underworld. As with everything in Brno, this is not really a coincidence. On this picturesque square is the entrance to the labyrinth under the city, thanks to which you can explore parts of the city that stay hidden to the normal tourists. Unfortunately, Hades didn’t allow the GPS signal in his realm, so we couldn’t put any treasures there, but we encourage you to take a stroll in the Brno underworld anyway.

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Brno is the capital city of Moravia but it's definitely not the only one worth to visit. Our geolocation team building programs offer adventure, fun and unforgettable memories in many other locations in South Moravia. You can explore the natural beauties of Moravian Karst, wander around picturesque streets of Mikulov, feel like royalty around the breathtaking Lednice Castle and much more.


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FE Brno, Czech Republic

Financial Express prepares every year for its employees a team building day and this year we chose a team contest called Treasure Hunt organized by Z-AGENCY. Our employees were very satisfied with the event and the cooperation with the organization team was very agreable.

Richard Žáček, Senior HR/Office Manager

Company Event with Team Building Program in Brno