Treasure Hunt Carlsbad

Treasure Hunt Carlsbad Team building for companies in a spa resort

Carlsbad - historical center and surroundings
49 treasures
2 - 4 hours

Carlsbad is a city of healing spas, sunny promenades and the picturesque valley of the Teplá River. European aristocrats, successful artists and poor commoners, all of them were walking the crooked streets of Carlsbad in hope to find cure to their ailments. The spa resort, in Czech called Karlovy Vary, is full of inspiration. We prepared GPS-based game Treasure Hunt, for you to enjoy the beauty and historical atmosphere of Carlsbad. 

Company events in Carlsbad

Simply wandering around the beautiful promenades and mindlessly munching on famous spa cookies is a great way to pass time. But if you have a bit more adventurous spirit and would like to see Carlsbad from a different perspective, our Treasure Hunt Carlsbad is perfect for you! In two to three hours you can discover 49 treasures in the historical center of the city and its surroundings. This modern GPS team building game will bring you back in time, revive your imagination and childlike wonder and enthusiasm while hunting for treasures in this stunning location.  

How does Treasure Hunt work?

You will meet our team in your hotel, congress hall or on another location in the city. Our facilitators will divide your group into teams and borrow you tablets with the TerraHunt application. They will also explain how the game works and how to control the app and the tablet. After the short introduction, your Treasure Hunt Carlsbad will start. The goal of each team is to find as many treasures hidden around Carlsbad as possible, answer the questions hidden on those locations and, most importantly, earn as many points as possible. 

The treasures of the spa city

Treasure Hunt is not a knowledge competition! The questions are always connected to the location where you will find them. No need to take out your phone, just look around properly, use your logical skills and imagination and discuss with your teammates! The TerraHunt application is designed for competitions of many teams and during the whole game you will be able to see how many points you have and how are the other teams doing. You can also see where they are, so everyone will know if one team decides to go for a coffee or something stronger. The team who will earn the most points will win the game, but all of the teams will come back with a lot of great memories and some new knowledge, too.  Treasure Hunt Carlsbad will allow you to enjoy the fun of a game without any problems – we will take care of the game and the participants from the beginning until the very end!

Walking in the steps of kings and leaders

Carlsbad was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Czech lands Charles, who believed in the healing powers of the hot springs in the area. But of course, this good and enlightened king wasn’t the only important personality who enjoyed the benefits of a hot bath in Carlsbad. Russian Tsar Peter the Great was so enchanted by the city that he even helped local masons to build a wall! Sigmund Freud maybe had his best ideas in one of the spas and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was using the healing powers of the local water to get him back in shape after the World War I. Carlsbad is place of so many mysterious and enchanting stories… Come explore it with Treasure Hunt Carlsbad!

We offer Treasure Hunts and other modern team buidling programs all over Czech Republic and even abroad. If you are not sure which one to choose, contact us and we will help you pick one perfect for your company and budget. 

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Company game Treasure Hunt in Carlsbad