Treasure Hunt Polička

Treasure Hunt Polička GPS team building for companies in the historical center of Polička

Polička - historical center
30 treasures
2 - 3 hours

Have you ever heard about Polička? No? Well, let us introduce you to this charming town with a turbulent history and delicious present. The city was founded by the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor in the middle of 13th century and flourished ever since. Today it became famous again, mostly among beer connoisseurs, for its great quality liquid bread. We love this area also because of the Svojanov Castle, not far away from Polička, where we love to organize big team building events with a story - The Boyard Fortress or Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. In the town of Polička itself we prepared an awesome Treasure Hunt experience.

How does Treasure Hunt work?

Treasure Hunt is a team building game for companies or business partners, who want to have fun, get to know each other and learn something new in an active and modern way, but are not up to climbing trees or fighting with evil guards of the Boyard Prison. You and your team will receive a tablet with the Terra Hunt application. There, you will see virtual treasures scattered all around Polička. You goal is to find as many treasures and get as many points as you can. The team with the highest amount of points will win.  

Team building for everyone

How do you earn the points, you ask? You just need to find the physical location of the question and go there with the tablet. Once there, the application will give you a question or a challenge. If you answer correctly or complete the challenge, you will get precious points. We are not your history teacher, so don’t expect us to ask you to remember names of kings and dates of battles! The questions are always connected to their location and you will be able to find the answers somewhere close. So, open your eyes, fire up your practical mind and let your imagination run wild. All the questions are different, and you will find your favorite ones and use your special talents to help your team. It is also completely up to you, which strategy you will apply. Running around the city and try to win at all cost? Finding the most valuable treasures first? Or taking it easy and stopping for a beer or two? If you choose the latter option, maybe some other team will join you too! All the teams will be able to see where the other teams are and how many points they have.

Top quality event management

We want everyone – including the people who are responsible to organize this event for their company – to enjoy the team building event to the fullest. That’s why our team will take care of everything and you don’t have to worry about anything.  We will meet you in your hotel or some other suitable place in the city. We are going to divide the group to competition teams, explain the rules of the game and how to use the application. We will borrow you the tablets, take a “before“ photo and let you start your Treasure Hunt adventure. From then on you and your team are on your own, but don’t worry! We are a bit like the fairy godmother from Shrek, never too far away. Except for the fact that you don’t have to cry on a card to get to us – just pick up your phone and give us a call! Also, we are way less scary and prefer solving problems rather than creating them. At the end of the game we will welcome all brave teams back and award the winner.

What can you look forward to?

The game will take you around the beautiful historical center of the city and its surroundings. You will find treasures on the Palacký square, enjoy the view of the Synský lake, learn something new near the municipal museum and marvel at the architecture of the evangelical church. You will have to crack a secret code, see who from your team is a master in gastronomy, find your lost peace, go back to your childhood or find the stairway to heaven. Maybe at the end you will find the true truth and complete the mission impossible!

Options of the event

We love to work with international teams, so we prepared the Treasure Hunt Polička in Czech and English language! If you wish, we can also add some special treasures just for you – for example questions about your company or something related to the overall topic of your event. If your company event is more than one day, we will be happy to help you find the best program also for the other days or offer you some of our other games in Bohemia and Moravia!

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OSI International Holding GmbH

Event was very good. Everyone enjoyed it and we had luck with the weather. I appreciate, that many questions were about Policka. Good job! We recommended your event to our local partner from there, the meat plant. Thanks for all effort, I hope we will have occasion in the future to use your service again.

Marcin Sokołowski

Corporate event with GPS tablets in Polička