Treasure Hunt Znojmo

Treasure Hunt Znojmo Team building GPS game for companies in South Moravia

Znojmo - historical center and surroundings
40 treasures
2 - 4 hours

Znojmo is a charming city in South Moravia, near the border with Vienna. Its recorded history dates back all the way to the 8th century. With its rich history, beautiful nature and top-class gastronomy, is also one of our favorite locations for team building programs.

Znojmo wine and pickles

This sunny city will captivate you with its stunning views and historical sites, such as the Town Hall tower, the Rotunda of St. Catherine or the Krammer’s villa, seemingly levitating above the Znojmo dam. The city will capture your heart at any season, but it draws the most attention during the Znojmo wine festival and the celebration of the pickles. Both wine and pickled little cucumbers are a big part of Znojmo gastronomy, in the past and present. You can explore this fascinating city with our GPS program Treasure Hunt!

Company event with a modern GPS game

Treasure Hunt Znojmo will take you to the most interesting places of Znojmo – those visited by most of the tourists and those that remain hidden even to some of the locals. You and your team will go around the city trying to locate virtual treasures. Your guide on the journey and your challenger will be our TerraHunt application on a tablet we will borrow you for the game. Once you arrive to the exact location of a treasure, the application will ask you a question or give you a challenge. You will find the right answer or way how to complete the challenge somewhere close. Close your phone, open your eyes and let your imagination run free! If you answer correctly, you will earn points for the game. The team with the biggest amount of points at the end of the game will win and will receive a sweet financial prize.

Team building event for your company or business partners

This GPS-based game is a great way how to explore the city, learn something new, get to know your colleagues or business partners better and create unforgettable memories. You and your team will create the game strategy, and it is completely up to you, if your goal will be to win at any price, or just take it easy, enjoy the walk and answer the treasures that come your way. Treasure Hunt is an active modern team building game for people of all ages, interests and physical abilities.

How does it work?

We love South Moravia and Znojmo and the last thing we want is for someone to worry about organizing a team building event in this beautiful location. That’s why our team will take care of everything before and after the game, and even beyond. We will prepare the game, meet you at your hotel or another location in Znojmo, show how the Terra Hunt application works, explain the rules of the game, borrow you the tablets and start the game. During the whole Treasure Hunt we just a phone call away, always ready to help you along the way. At the end of the game we will welcome all the competition teams back and award the winners.

Bespoke team building

We know each of our clients is unique, and that’s how we approach our events. Would you like to play in Czech or English? We are ready to go tomorrow. Would you prefer a different language? Let us know and we can prepare it. Maybe you want to add some special treasures and questions relating to your company or the topic of the event? Are you interested in something more adventurous? Take a look at our new Mystery Trail and Challenge Tour programs. No problem. Do you love South Moravia and would like to explore some other parts of this beautiful region? Choose from our programs there or let us know which location captured your eye. Contact us and we will help you choose the perfect program for your company, your participants and your budget.

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