Photo Tour Belgrade

Challenge Tour
Number of treasures
1-1,5 hrs
Common program length
A perfect way to familiarize yourselves with the atmosphere of the Serbia's capital! You will visit 11 major Belgrade's monuments and sightseeing spots.

You will have an opportunity to be overwhelmed by Nikola Tesla Monument, National Theatre, Nikola Pašić Square and many more. To ensure the best experience we encourage you to reserve 1 to 1,5 hours.
  • National Museum in Belgrade, National Theatre

  • Nikola Pašić Square, Presidency of the Republic of Serbia

  • Nikola Tesla Monument

Where you will play

The game takes place in the very center of the capitol. You will find yourselves on the right bank of the river Sáva.

The route itself is predetermined. Only after you pass a first point the app leads you to another one. Therefore, you cannot jumpt to third point from the first one.

You will develop a score. Each sucessfully passed spot will earn you some points. Their amount is defined by the order of the spot. I.e. you can earn one point on the first spot and ten points on the tenth one.

Starting point

When you have the app downloaded you can start at the National Museum of Serbia and will continue through other spots to Nicola Tesla Monument. You can pause or finish the game anytime, should you want to visit a museum or grab a meal.

For whom is the game suitable

This is the perfect choice for those eager to feel the charm of the capitol of the once mighty Serbian kingdom. Rather than an educational tour, this is an experiential activity. While looking for a direction to a following point, you can observe the architectural and artistic richness of this beautiful city.

Enjoy the full version of the game, which is running as a public event. This means that other players will see your results and photos. If you are interested in a private version of the game, please contact us.

This is a public version of the Photo Tour. Everyone participating can see the results and the photos created by you. On the other side, you can also have a look on other players as well.

If you prefer not to share your results and selfies with other participants, we can arrange you a private game. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for more details.

Download the TerraHunt app and play the demo:

Photo Tour Belgrade

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