Treasure Hunt Carlsbad

Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
1,5-3,5 hrs
Common program length
Team building program Treasure Hunt in the relaxing spa environment of Karlovy Vary. A large part of the treasures is located in the nature around the South Hill. Lovers of the outdoors and the spa colonnades will be in for a treat.

You will play for approximately 3 hrs. With the help of the map application on your tablet you can explore up to 49 treasures.
  • Spa colonnades and complexes

  • Unique atmosphere and architecture

  • Beautiful views from the South Hill

Where you will play

The game will lead you through all of Karlovy Vary's colonnades. The individual treasures are located along the Teplá watercourse. The gaming area ranges from Smetana's Orchards to the Karlovy Vary Summer Cinema.

This is a scavenger hunt, so you can choose your route in accordance with your mood and strategy. You can visit the treasures in any order.

If you want to enjoy the nature, you can go to the forest around the South Hill. Approximately a third of the treasures are located along the adjacent hiking trails. You will enjoy a variety of views of the entire city of Carlsbad.

Meeting point

Karlovy Vary is a popular tourist destination and offers the facilities of a large number of hotels. The game can be started and concluded in any of them. Regardless of whether you stay in the Grandhotel Pupp or in a guesthouse.

If you are staying at a greater distance from the spa complex, or you are in Vary only for a day, then we will start the game anywhere outdoors. 

For whom the game is suitable

Treasure Hunt Karlovy Vary is one of the longer games due to the larger number of treasures.

If you head to the South Hill for the treasures, you can expect some slight elevation gain. This will allow the rather active participants to enjoy the game even more. However, also the relaxed visitors to the spa town can be recommended this activity.

It is certainly not the responsibility of any team to reach all the treasures available. For example, you can spend part of the game in one of the spa cafes.

We can change the recommended course of the program according to your possibilities.

  • 15 min - rules, how to use the tablets and the app, division into teams

  • 1,5 - 2 h - realization of the game in Trenčiansky Teplice

  • 10 min - transfer to the agreed meeting point

  • 05 min - evaluation and announcement of the winning team

Tereza Čajanová, Office Management Specialist CZ, Nutricia a.s.
We enjoyed Treasure Hunt very much! Perfect organization, thoughtful, yet entertaining questions focused on a particular location. We enriched the game with two practical activities which made it even more diverting and added an interesting strategic element to it.
Treasure Hunt Carlsbad

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