Mystery Trail The Brno Jungle

Mystery Trail The Brno Jungle Team building competition throught the nature of Brno

Brno - Kamenný vrch, Masarykův háj, Červený kopec, Kometa
30 treasures
3 - 4 hours

Wait, Brno and the jungle? Aren’t they two different worlds? We don’t think so, come and see for yourself! Our team building game Mystery Trail The Brno Jungle will show you that even in the Moravian metropolis you can get lost in a real green jungle!

The game will take you to the natural reservation Kamenný vrch (the Stone Hill) with a large population of pasque flowers. After climbing up a few hills, you will find yourself in an enchanting place called the Stone Colony. From there, you are just a short walk away from the famous ice skating hall, the locals call Rondo and many great pubs and restaurants.

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What is Mystery Trail?

When you start this GPS-based game, the exact path of your journey will be unknown to you. You will know only the first place you should get to. Once you arrive there, your app will show you a question you need to answer or a riddle you have to solve. When you will be successful, the game will reveal to you the next place you need to go to! If you answered incorrectly, you’ll first need to reach a penalty location. Your goal is to finish the journey in a given time and collect as many points as possible. The team with the highest number of points at the end will win.

If you love competing and having fun, the Mystery Trail will surely suck you in immediately! In the final destination, you will enjoy some delicious foods and drinks, chat about your unforgettable experience, share your adventures and the best team will collect their prize.

Original questions with a story

Forget Uncle Google or Aunt Wiki(pedia), they can’t help you here! To succeed in this game, you’ll need good observation skills, logical thinking and sometimes also good stamina. What awaits you on this adventure through the Brno jungle? We will test our poetic talents as well as orientation skills. You will stop for tea at the Cottage Under the Trees, and try to unravel the sophisticated riddle of Mikeš, our local genius.

You can admire the beauty of nature and forget for a while that you are in the middle of a pulsing city. To give you some of that city life, the game will take you on a trip to Hollywood, where you can meet a few celebrities. But make sure to behave, otherwise, the patrolling policeman will not have mercy with you!

Other team building options in Brno

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