Use the Gaming Platform

Expand the portfolio of your event agency or team building company. Create online quizzes for your clients. Organize treasure hunts and virtual escape games. Promote your municipality, region or hotel in an entertaining and competitive way. Guide tourist groups through city centers, theme parks, nature trails or zoos. Utilize the power of gamification in customer marketing communication.

  • hotels and resorts

  • regions and municipalities

  • event agencies

  • team building companies

  • entertainment complexes and zoos

  • ​travel agencies

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Tip! Gamification of Sales for E-shops

Create (or have created for you) a virtual game whose treasures are linked to the content of your e-shop or physical store. In order for the player to correctly answer a question in the virtual game, they will first have to navigate through your e-shop or personally explore even the most dusty corner of your store. Only then will they find the correct answer. If they score a certain number of points, you can reward them with a prize.

Take advantage of our experience and technical know-how

iOS app
TerraHunt iOS app for iPads and iPhones. A map version designed for GPS games and virtual games.
iOS app
Android app
TerraHunt Android app designed for Google Android phones and tablets.
Android app
Web app
Web application for laptops and desktops. Developed exclusively for playing virtual games and quizzes.
Web app
Public Server
A web administrative interface for creating games and quizzes, for launching and administering events.
Public Server
Virtual studio
Studio for the organization of streaming virtual events, for shooting trailers and clips for games.
Virtual studio
Instructor and moderator team
Team for the realization of physical corporate events and moderating virtual events.
Instructor and moderator team

Enjoy the demos in the app

  • DEMO games created for city centres
  • DEMO escape games at home or at work
  • Have fun with quizzes and free games

Quality game content

We have several dozens of outdoor GPS games in our portfolio located across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We offer 8 virtual escape games that can be played online or placed in any location as an outdoor game.

We can create the outdoor game in the location of your choice. Active partners from abroad can use our virtual escape games in English and translate them into another language. The creation of a local language version of the app itself is also negotiable.

Type of cooperation

  • You take care of the business, leave the realization to us. We will recommend the most suitable game for your clients. You can rely on us in terms of preparation and organization of your event from A to Z. After arriving on site, we will lend tablets to the participants, explain everything, execute the game and evaluate it at the end. Or we can organise an online event for your clients from our virtual studio.
  • Use our gaming platform, but create your own content. Make your own quizzes, virtual escapes and outdoor games.
  • Build the TerraHunt brand in your country or region and become a local operator. Take advantage of our maximum support for your business. Make the most of dozens of already created outdoor games, virtual escape games or quizzes.
Business Cooperation

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