Schools and Other Education

The TerraHunt gaming platform offers great opportunities for both school and other education. In addition to iOS and Android apps for outdoor programs, a web application is available for virtual programs and quizzes.

Teaching students can be enriched with an interesting competitive game themed around the subject matter being taught. For leisure centers for children, TerraHunt can be used for team competitions in nature or around the vicinity of the center.

  • Mobile and web app
  • Intuitive administrative interface for creating your own games
  • Favorable Conditions for Schools and Leisure Centers

Universal Tool for Teachers

The TerraHunt gaming platform enables an interactive way of learning that combines educational content with the element of play.

Thanks to its multi-platform support, which includes mobile app for iOS and Android as well as a web app, TerraHunt becomes an ideal tool for modern educational methods, offering a wide range of games from outdoor treasure hunts to virtual escape games and quizzes.

Administrative Interface for Creating Your Own Games

Games are created, edited, and launched using an intuitive server interface. Games can include text content, images, and videos. Created questions can be organized using several game systems.

Games can be launched in virtual mode or outdoor mode (in which case, each question must be assigned specific GPS coordinates).

Inspiration for Using the TerraHunt Gaming Platform

  • Enlivening the subject matter with a virtual quiz
  • Discovery game on a school trip
  • Adventure game in the field at a children's camp
  • Cipher game for members of a youth group
Schools and Other Education

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