Castles, Amusement Parks, and Zoos

Do you own an amusement park? Are you a manager of a castle or chateau? Do you operate a zoo? Work in a museum or open-air museum? The TerraHunt gaming platform allows you to plan dozens of routes within your facility.

Navigate visitors of your venue using an interactive mobile app available for iOS and Android. Create curious questions and tasks. Direct the flow of people within your facility. Obtain their email contacts and utilize them for marketing purposes.

  • Collecting email contacts for marketing purposes
  • Affordably priced product for families with children
  • Interactive guide through your venue

Interactive Treasure Hunt in the Venue

We will create a customized treasure hunt for your venue. You can choose the route, the number of treasures, essential stations, or the type of game.

Whether it's a clearly defined route (Challenge Tour or Mystery Trail) or freely scattered treasures (Treasure Hunt), visitors will be able to experience an amazing family adventure.

Treasures/questions can include texts, images, or videos. The content is easily editable, and a trained employee can simply edit the content of the questions. Alternatively, we can manage the game for you.

How Visitors Start the Game

Visitors download the TerraHunt app to their phone, for example, by scanning a QR code located at the entrance to the venue.

Then, they just need to scan the QR code of the purchased game, and the adventure can begin.

Activity for Visitors

With the TerraHunt app, you can navigate visitors through dozens of different routes and use the interactive game to present interesting information about your venue and individual stations.

The games are not limited by capacity. TerraHunt makes it very easy to organize an entertaining program even for non-native speakers. Once created, a game can serve for many years.

Castles, Amusement Parks, and Zoos

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