Challenge Tour - Game Type

Challenge Tour is a GPS game in which the competitors follow a pre-designed route. They search for treasures, answer questions and complete tasks.

Outdoor version

Players can see all the treasures located in the field on their mobile or tablet screen. They must visit them in a precise order. Therefore, the route has both a fixed start and finish point. The treasures are numbered in ascending order. The contestants can also see how far away (along a straight line) the next treasure is.

Players earn points for answering the questions correctly. The aim of the game is to visit as many treasures as possible, answer as many questions correctly as possible, score the highest amount of points and ideally reach the last point (but this is not a requirement). This game is particularly suitable if you want the participants to avoid missing some treasures. It can serve as an alternative to a guided city tour.

Virtual version

The game can also be played in a virtual version. In this case, the contestants do not see the map with the treasures. The questions are displayed on the screen in the order in which they are saved in the system.