Online vs. Offline

How applications behave and how they work with offline data.

Mobile applications

You can play events online, but you can also download data into your device's memory and play offline.

Playing online

If you play in an area where there is a good data signal, it can be sufficient to just click on the "PLAY" button. At the beginning, you will be downloaded the text parts of the treasures. Everything else, i.e. images, videos and maps, will be downloaded to the app continuously as needed.

Playing offline

If you will be playing in an area where data coverage is poor (e.g. deep river valleys), or you want to make sure you can play even if you lose signal, it is better to download the event to the app for offline play. This is done by clicking on the "OFFLINE PLAY" button. All data will be downloaded to the app for offline use, except for videos, which are always streamed from YouTube.

An average game (40 treasures placed on a 3x3 km area) can have a data size of 50-100 MB. It is therefore advisable to have a good data signal, or to download the event while connected to WIFI. The game itself can be downloaded to the device before the event starts, however it can only be started and played from the moment the event is launched.

Web application

The web application is part of the server and is intended for online play only.