Organized vs. Individual

The game can be played in two types of events. Each of them is suitable for a different type of scenario, and the app behaves slightly differently in each of these executions.

Organized event

An organized event is suitable for corporate events where it is expected that the client will only want to play once and in a relatively short time frame (e.g. 3 hrs).

  • recommended for shorter events (in the order of hours)
  • the player can only play once
  • the timer is displayed in the form of a countdown (the time remaining until the end of the event)
  • when the event is over and the stats are displayed, the map is then displayed once more so that competitors can navigate themselves to the meeting point with the organizers

Individual event

The individual event is suitable for long-term events. For instance, it is suitable for events for the public, or for long-running demo games. Players can play such an event repeatedly (e.g. within a year) and improve their score.

  • recommended for long-term events (weeks, months, years)
  • the player can play repeatedly, his previous scores are overwritten by the new ones
  • the timer shows how long the player has been playing (time spent in the game).
  • when the event ends and the stats are displayed, the app switches back to the event listing

Recommendation: use organized events for corporate occassions, individual events for marketing purposes