Public vs. Private

Events can be launched either as public or private.

Public event

All events that players can see in the app in the list of events on the main page are public. Anyone can run and play a public event in the app. However, the player must take into account that the results and other data of hers in this event will be public. It means that anyone can see the scored points, the route and the photos taken.

If you are sensitive to GDPR issues, do not run public events. By running and playing a public event, you are agreeing that anyone can see your results.

Private event

You can only run a private event by scanning a QR code or entering an alphanumeric code. You will not be able to run the event without either of these. Only players with a user account can view the results of the event in the app.

Results and statistics on the Public Server

Every event that has been run or played has its own page on the Public Server, where the results, routes and photos of all players of the event are collected. Such a page is called Event Detail. Accesses to Event Details are handled in such a way that they take into account the privacy settings of the event and the user permissions of the players.

Public Event Detail
  • accessed by any registered user, regardless of whether they played the event or not
Private Event Detail
  • access is granted to a registered user who has played the event
  • access is granted to a registered user with higher user rights even if the event was not played (e.g. organizer, manager)
Public link

Special feature created for participants of corporate events. They usually play in teams on tablets provided by an event agency. This means that players do not have their own user accounts created in the system and could not see the results of the event they played.

The organizer can therefore create a so-called Public link in the Event Details. A public link is a special URL address with an assigned password. In this way, even a non-registered player can view the results of the event ( he/she must know the link and password).