Public Event Vs. Private Event

Public Event Vs. Private Event

In previous chapters, we've described the difference between running an event of Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail, or Challenge Tour. We've explained the difference between an Organized Event and an Individual Event. However, what is truly "IN" nowadays is PRIVACY.

We recommend that you read all the chapters one by one:

  1. Organized Event

  2. Individual Event

  3. Public Event Vs. Private Event

  4. Indoor Event

Public Event

If you start the game as a Public Event, anyone can join in, resp. anyone who has TerraHunt app installed. The game launched in this way will be displayed in the list of all events on the main page of the application.

This launch parameter can be combined with previously described parameters. At first glance, it looks complicated, but it is not. You can simply have an Organized Event - PUBLIC or an Individual Event - PUBLIC.

Most of the Events freely available in the application will be run in this way.

Private Event

You just won't find private events in the application. These Events were run with special code and the game can only be joined by a person with this code. You can enter the code using the keypad (a combination of numbers and letters) or take a picture using the reader built into the application (QR code).

This type of launch will be used mainly by teambuilding and event companies or other organizers of events of various types. With this type of launch, you can be sure that no stranger will log in to the game and it will be played only by the group of players for whom it is intended. This parameter can again be combined with the parameters described in the first two articles.

So you can have an Organized Event - PRIVATE or an Individual Event - PRIVATE.

Tune the game to your needs

Thanks to the above mentioned parameters, you can tune the launch of the game exactly as you need. You must take into account that all parameters are accessible to everyone. An ordinary player does not need to care about these parameters at all. However, if you become our business partner to use the application and the system to carry out your own events, you will definitely put to use these features of the application and the server.