FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions. Fundamental questions and answers.

Where can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded here on Google Play.

How can I get to web administration?

Follow this link. Use the same login details as for the app.

What is a Treasure?

A Treasure is a set of information (i.e. texts, pictures, videos) forming a question (plus possible answers) that appears on a player's screen of his/her phone or tablet.

What is a Game?

A Game is a set of Treasures put together in a certain way (Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail, Challenge Tour).

What is an Event?

An Event is a running Game with certain setting (e.g. name, start, end, location, privacy)

Which platforms is the app available for?

The app is available for Android system version 6 - 10.

Do I need to play it outdoors?

If the game runs as an Indoor Event, you can play it indoors without GPS.

Can I play alone or just in a group?

The most thrilling way to play the game is an Organized Event, when several teams compete against each other. A single player can, however, play all Events displayed in the app. In this case, your results will be mostly compared with the historical ranking of other players.

Can I order a private event?

Yes, we will organize a private or a corporate teambuilding event for you. You can choose one of the available games or contact us to get an original tailor-made game.