Individual Event

Individual Event

An Individual Event is a way to launch a game suitable for individual players, groups of friends or families, especially while visiting an interesting tourist location. Again, all types of games such as Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail or Challenge Tour can be launched in this mode.

In the last article we focused on an Organized Event, in this article you can read the specifications of an Individual Event (or read all the chapters).

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  2. Individual Event

  3. Public Event Vs. Private Event

  4. Indoor Event

Time allowance for the game

An individual event is usually run for a relatively long period of time. You will find Events running for a whole month, half a year or a year. The point is for players to be able to play the game whenever they want or have time for it. It allows them to play just a part of the game, stop playing and then return to the game later and finish it.

Players can complete the game repeatedly

Games running in this mode are generally associated with exploring a specific location and they can be mainly categorized as Public Events (Photo Tour, Photo Hunt, Children's Hunt, but also freely available versions of Treasure Hunt). When players finish the game and are not satisfied with their placement, they can play it again (unlimited number of repetitions for the duration of the Event) to improve their score.

Against the historical order

For example, if a game is running for an entire year, it is very unlikely that all players will complete it at the same time. It is therefore played against the historical order, as in the case of classic computer games.

Event End

The event for players ends with the completion of all treasures, or if the Event ends on the server. When finished, the statistics will be displayed and then the application will switch back to the list of all Public Events.

Who is an Individual Event suitable for?

This type of launch is suitable for long-term games in specific locations, especially in the field of tourism. These are long-running Events around hotels, resorts, on nature trails, in the historic city centers, around castles and chateaux.

You can simply use it in places wherever it is convenient to offer local visitors some interesting activities, entertainment, or to provide an option of education or development.