Indoor Events

Indoor Events

We love GPS games that take place both in the historic centers of large cities and in the wild. Occasionally, however, happens that the current situation does not allow us to play outdoor. For example very intense thunderstorms (generally really bad weather) and / or safety conditions (e.g. current corona-virus pandemic).

Individual chapters that deal with the types of running Events:

  1. Organized Event

  2. Individual Event

  3. Public Event Vs. Private Event

  4. Indoor Event

We have added a function to the TerraHunt app, thanks to which you can play our games also in a restaurant, directly in your company, or in the comfort of your home, and still have a shared experience with your colleagues.

Indoor Event

Any game created in our system can be run in indoor mode. This means that you can sit comfortably in an armchair of your living room with a mobile device and individual treasures will gradually appear on your tablet / mobile phone, as if you were playing a game in the field.

The questions will pop up one after another, depending on the serial number in the system. However, the game will keep you connected to other players. Thus, you will still see the names of the rival players / teams, their rankings and their points on the screen.

In the same way, all players can check their score, the score of other teams and download any photos from the event detail on the server. If it is a private event, only the players who participated in the event have access to the event detail, no one else.

Indoor or outdoor escape game

In case of an Indoor Event, it is of course necessary to have a suitable game running. Treasure Hunt Prague, which is tied to specific places in the historical center of Prague, does not make sense to run in Indoor mode. For this purpose, we have created a number of adventurous virtual escape games and we are working on a lot of new ones.

Educational and development purposes

This variant of the Event can also be used to create educational and development programs, quizzes, programs for children or literary-game programs. School through play is a very popular option of education. Of course, all types of games can contain texts, images and videos.

Public and Private Events

Indoor programs and games can of course be played in the previously described modes. You can start an indoor game as a Public Event, i.e. anyone who has the application can join it, because they will find it in the list of Public Events. Likewise, an Indoor Event can be run in Private Event mode, which can be joined only by a player with the access code. We therefore recommend Private Events for the creation of commercial programs.

Content creating partners

We have created a variety of great team and individual games for adults and children that can be played in Indoor mode. We are happy to offer our system to inventive creators or companies that would use this system to create interesting content. For both commercial and non-commercial content.

You can contact us at We will be happy to discuss the possibilities of cooperation with you.