Travel Agencies and Operators

The Treasure Hunt program enables travel agencies and operators to offer their clients fun and affordable activities, not just at their destination but also during the journey to their vacation spot.

Travelers thus have a unique opportunity to explore even those cities they merely pass through, enriching their journey even further. Participation in this program only requires a mobile phone with internet access.

  • Affordable program
  • Entertainment for families
  • Navigating through historical cities in a game format

We Create Treasure Hunts for Travel Agencies

For over a decade, we have been creating games in city centers, historical, or natural sites. Ingenious treasures, which are contextually linked to specific locations, are popular for both corporate events and clients of travel agencies.

Mobile App for Tourism

The TerraHunt mobile app, available for both iOS and Android users, is the perfect travel companion. GPS game can entertain clients for one to three hours.

In case of bad weather, we offer the option to enjoy a virtual game, whether on a bus, at a train station, or an airport.

Games in Exclusive Destinations

Digital guides through unique locations can enrich a family vacation. They eliminate the need for the group to stay together the entire time, allowing each individual to plan their adventure.

Places known for their breathtaking views or unique historical landmarks are highly sought after by our clients. Games like Treasure Hunt Prague, Treasure Hunt Český Krumlov, or Treasure Hunt Mikulov are our long-standing bestsellers.

We are happy to prepare a customized game for you and your clients in your chosen destination, be it London, Zagreb, or Amsterdam. The created game will serve you well for many years.


Travel Agencies and Operators

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