Mystery Trail Hustopeče

Mystery Trail Hustopeče Adventurous team building in a forest and almond orchard

Hustopeče, nature trail, almond orchards
20 treasures
2 - 3 hours

Hustopeče is a small town in the fertile plains south from Brno. The region, famous for its vineyards and fruit orchards, is one of the focal points of tourism and bicycle tourism in South Moravia. It is also an awesome location for company events that combine nature, adventure and great gastronomy.

Forest park, almond orchards and nature trail

Hustopeče is a charming town, but we invite you to go in the footsteps of generations of local nature lovers and tourists to explore its beautiful surroundings. You can go on a hike along the red touristic trail that will take you around the Hustopeče lakes, while the Almond nature trail will help you discover the nature parks of Kopaniny or the mysterious Rocky hill near Kurdějov. Whichever path you choose, you shouldn’t leave Hustopeče without climbing up its lookout tower and enjoying the stunning views of the diverse landscape of South Moravia. If you would like to savor the magic of Hustopeče and its nature with your co-workers during your company team building, look no further and come play our geolocation game Mystery Trail Hustopeče!

How does Mystery Trail Hustopeče work?

Mystery Trail is a GPS-based game with tablets, during which you and your team go on a pre-defined route. The trail has several treasures, where questions are hidden, and you must reach the exact location to be able to answer the questions and get the points. But there is a trick! You can always see only the next treasure; the rest of the trail remains a mystery. If you reach a question and answer correctly, congratulations, you can continue to the following treasure. If your answer is incorrect, you have to venture out of the Mystery Trail to reach a penalization place, after which you can continue your journey on the main trail. But don’t worry, the questions are not so hard, and they are always tied to the location of the question, so you don’t have to prepare for any insidious history questions! Your goal is to reach the end of the trail and earn as many points as possible.

Professional event management

We know that organizing a team building event for your company can be quite stressful and exhausting. And we believe that everyone should enjoy company event to the fullest! Our team will take care of everything, from helping you choose the best program and location, to organizational and practical matters during the game, till the award ceremony. We will borrow you everything you will need for the game and will be just a phone call away during the entire event.

What can you look forward to?

It is great to leave the workplace problems and hierarchies behind and enjoy a bit of competition and a lot of fun with your colleagues! You can also look forward to enjoying the beauty of the almond orchards in Hustopeče, the stunning views on the Pálava hills and of course solving our intricate and funny questions. You will use your logical skills while trying to figure out what is hiding in the yellow container, meet a guy named Richard, find out that not all the animals are obeying the Darwin theory, hug the almond trees or try to solve the puzzle of the crazy inventor. All this and much more is awaiting you on your adventurous journey along the Mystery Trail Hustopeče.

Bespoke company events

You can choose one of our ready-to-go programs, we can adapt it for you, or even create an entirely new game just for you company! We can for example add new points with questions about your company or include some fun outdoor activities.  The entire South Moravia is a great place to have a company event, so you can try also other games and programs around this beautiful sunny region. Contact us and we will help you select the best program for your company, budget and expectations.

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