Treasure Hunt Pálava

Pavlov and Pálava
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
2-3,5 hrs
Common program length

Team building activity Treasure Hunt in the protected landscape area Pálava. The search for 30 treasures will take you through the whole of Pavlov, the surrounding vineyards, the educational trail and the ruins of an ancient castle.

An intuitive map app on a tablet will help the teams navigate the terrain. The recommended time for the game is 3,5 hrs.

  • Pavlov wine producing area near the Nové Mlýny water reservoir

  • The Děvín Nature Trail and the ruins of Děvičky Castle

  • Team building event in the Pálava wine region

Where will you play

In the Treasure Hunt game, 30 treasures await you. Bit lazier teams can collect points in the winemaking village of Pavlov and then get their feet wet under the surface of the Nové Mlýny reservoir. Teams eager to win will have no choice but to explore the Pavlov Hills.

You will follow the Děvín nature trail, explore the ruins of Děvička and return to Pavlov along the yellow hiking trail. However, as this is a scavenger hunt type of game, it is up to you which strategy you will devise.

Meeting point

There are a number of guesthouses, smaller hotels and wineries in Pavlov. As a rule, we start and end the game where the client has arranged accommodation, lunch or wine tasting.

However, in Pavlov it is possible to start the game more or less anywhere.

For whom the game is suitable

Accommodation facilities in Pavlov do not have as large capacities as hotels in Lednice, Mikulov or Znojmo. The game is therefore more suitable for smaller and medium-sized groups.

Due to the hilly terrain, the game is recommended for more sporty clients.

The optimal time for this team game is 3 hours. We recommend the following schedule:

  • 15 min - rules, control of tablets and app, division into teams

  • 120-150 min - realisation of the Treasure Hunt Pálava

  • 15 min - transfer to the agreed meeting point

  • 05 min - evaluation and announcement of the most successful team

Matěj Erler, Store operation manager, DECASPORT s.r.o.
Perfect communication, great game!
Treasure Hunt Pálava

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