Treasure Hunt Kromeriz

Treasure Hunt Kromeriz Team game for companies in an UNESCO city

Kromeriz - city center and gardens
40 treasures
2 hours

Czech Republic is full of beautiful cities and breathtaking nature. Many of those places have been awarded by the international community by being places one of the UNESCO lists. The stunning little city of Kromeriz is one of them, part of World Heritage Sites since 1998. 

GPS game for companies in the east of Moravia

The Bishop’s Palace, the Castle and its gardens or the Flower Garden are inviting tourists from the Czech Republic and the world for a walk in history, natural and architectural beauty. Of course, we couldn’t have missed Kromeriz in our offer of Treasure Hunt games for companies!

How does Treasure Hunt Kromeriz work?

Our team will take care of everything from the beginning till the end. Your only responsibility will be to find treasures and most importantly, to have fun! Our team will divide you group into competition team and explain the rules of the game and how to use the TerraHunt application. Our facilitators will be your technical support during the whole game, and at the end will award the best team with sweet financial reward.
The TerraHunt application will guide you and your competition team through the most beautiful places of Kromeriz. You will find treasures, answer questions and complete challenges the game will give you. You can take part in fierce competition with the rest of your colleagues, or just take it easy and enjoy a nice walk in the historical center with intriguing questions that will make you see Kromeriz from another point of view.

Where will you go?

We have hidden our treasures in three most beautiful areas of Kromeriz – the Flower Garden, the Castle Garden and the historical city center. You can look forward to enjoying the Best of Kromeriz.

What can you look forward to?

You will learn more about the Lion King, uncover the Mythical Stories, reflect on the beauty of the Ripped Venus or will discipline the Naughty Cupid. Treasure Hunt is not about your knowledge of art and history, but your observation skill, logical Thinking and imagination! The game strategy of your team is entirely up to you, so you can also take advantage of some of the nice coffee places in Kromerizž. And because in the TerraHunt app everyone sees, where the other teams are and how many points they have in real time, maybe some of your colleagues will even join you!

Bespoke Treasure Hunt Kromeriz

If you want your game to be even more special, we can add your own questions. The participants of Treasure Hunt Kromeriz can for example show their knowledge about your company or products. Contact us and we will create an unforgettable even for you, in Czech or English language. You can also choose from other Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail or Challenge Tour programs we offer in South Moravia or the entire Czech Republic

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