Treasure Hunt Lednice

Treasure Hunt Lednice Company event in the world-famous Lednice-Valtice Area

Lednice - castle, gardens and village
53 treasures
2 - 5 hours

The beautiful village of Lednice, its castle and gardens are great gems in the crown of South Moravia. The Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996 and is home to one of the most beautiful and visited castles in Czech Republic. With its turbulent history, breathtaking architecture and stunning nature, the Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape inspired us to create more than fifty treasures that you can explore during our GPS team building program Treasure Hunt Lednice

Company event in Lednice–Valtice Area

We adore Lednice and its surroundings and our clients love Lednice, too! It is one of our favorite places to organize company events. There are many interesting activities and adventures to have, such as wine tasting, hiking or exploring the Lednice Castle. Of course, we can’t forget about our TerraHunt programs – Treasure Hunt Lednice, Cyklotour Lednice and Treasure Hunt Lednice with outdoor activities. These programs will allow you to explore the UNESCO area with your colleagues and friends, have fun and learn something new.

How does it work?

Your adventure starts with meeting our team, who can come either to the hotel in which you are staying, or wait for you in one of our secret spots in the Lednice Gardens. Our facilitators will divide you into competition team, explain the rules of the GPS game, how to use the TerraHunt application, borrow you the tablets and start the game. You and your team will hunt for treasures in the beautiful nature and around magnificent buildings. During the whole game, our team will be always just a phone call away.

Exploring UNESCO Heritage with a GPS application

The TerraHunt GPS application will show you all the treasures available in the Treasure Hunt Lednice on an easy-to-understand map. But it is not enough to see them on your tablet! To collect the treasure, you need to physically come to the place, where it is hidden. To gain the points from this treasure, you need to answer correctly the question the game gives you. But don’t worry, this is not a knowledge test. The answers are hidden somewhere near the treasure itself, so close your phones and open your eyes instead! To win, you need to gain as many points as possible – or simply more than your competitors.

Are there other possibilities?

The Lednice–Valtice Area is vast and full of beauties. If you want to find all the treasures, don’t forget to take a hearty snack, your hunt can last up to 5 hours! In this way you will collect not only treasures and points, but also kilometers and many good reasons to get a nice cold beer after your game is over. For some, five hours is too much, but don’t worry, you can choose the length of the game to suit your agenda. The game strategies of teams differ – some want to win at all costs, others prioritize research on the topic of the best ice-cream place in Lednice, or even set a goal of how many selfies they want to take. Where, how and when you go is completely up to you.

Where can you and what can you see?

The marvelous Lednice Castle will ignite the imagination of every visitor. The lovers of history, architecture and nature will be amazed by the number of picturesque nooks, beautiful views and crooked park trails, all for them to enjoy and explore. Treasure Hunt Lednice will guide you to the most interesting places around the castle and the questions you’ll have to answer will make you stop and look carefully at your surroundings. Do you know, where in the park you can find fake ruins? Or that the best view on the park is from a minaret?

The places with treasures are not limited to the Lednice Gardens, but you will find them also in the village center or in the gardens belonging to Mendel University, where the students of gardening and viticulture practice their craft. If you are not so much interested in history, you might enjoy a visit to one of the gourmet restaurants or go back in time to your childhood in the Museum of toys.

What can you look forward to?

Do you know, who is guarding the greenhouse? How many lions are hidden on the front of the Hunting Lodge? Or if Alex could hunt down any snakes in the park? Sometimes the questions will invite you to go back in history, others will test your basic math skills, your observation or logical thinking. Everyone can find a question to suit their talents and secure precious points for their team. And even if your team wouldn’t win, on your hunt you will live through many adventures and make unforgettable memories with your friends and colleagues.

Other GPS games in Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape

Are you up for an adventure and want to challenge yourselves? If so, you will love our Treasure Hunt Lednice with outdoor activities, where you will not only hunt for treasures, but also complete practical challenges, such as shooting a bow and arrow or completing mind-boggling puzzles. If you like to see things from another perspective, we invite you to hop on the bike saddle and pedal through the area with the Cycling GPS tour Lednice–Valtice. South Moravia is our home and a great place for GPS games, so you can choose from even more locations and options for your company team building. If you are not sure, which of the games or places to select, contact us and we will help you decide, which option is the best one for your company, participants and budget.

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Z-AGENCY s.r.o. was a truly professional and very helpful partner during the preparations of our team building program. Treasure Hunt in the Lednice-Valtice Area was perfectly prepared, had a drive and kept occupied the whole team not only physically but also intellectually. The atmosphere of the event was very friendly, all instructors were nice and chatty showing a sense of humor and doing a great job supporting team cooperation. I can highly recommend the services of Z-AGENCY. We certainly will contact them in the future :-) Thank you, we were excited and full of energy even several days after the event!

Martina Mádlík Turinská, Calzedonia HR Business Partner

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