TH Lednice with outdoor activities

TH Lednice with outdoor activities Team building in Lednice Castle Gardens

Lednice - Castle Garden and historical center
58 treasures
3 - 5 hours

„Come on, quickly, the time is running! We have to answer two more questions to win!“ Treasure Hunt Lednice with outdoor activities will bring out the competition spirit in everyone. Even if you planned to have a nice easy walk around the Lednice Gardens, you will get carried away and take part in an epic quest for treasures and points, completed with adventurous outdoor activities.

Team building program in an UNESCO Heritage site

Treasure Hunt Lednice is a geolocation game for companies, during with you and your team will use our TerraHunt application on our tablets to navigate through the charming village of Lednice and the stunning Lednice Castle Gardens. It is a great program to choose if you want to have fun, get to know your colleagues better and enjoy the beauties of the Lednice area, part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Treasure Hunt with outdoor activities

The basic option for the Treasure Hunt Lednice contains only treasures, but with this program we go bigger. The Lednice Gardens allow us to place not only GPS-located questions, but also create special stations with diverse activities. If you want to earn the points for this treasure, you and your team have to successfully complete a challenge.

Activities for the adventurous

You and your team will decide the game strategy. You can take a nice slow walk around the park, but we know you will want to compete with your colleagues for the title of the best Treasure Hunter. It is entirely up to you, when and if you will complete the outdoor challenges, but we would advise you to try them out. Not only are they fun and you can try out something you have never done before, but also you can gain a lot of points for the game! On each of the special stations you will find one of our facilitators who will explain the rules of the activity, make sure you are safe and, if you are successful, will tell you the correct answer.

The best of Moravia

The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape is home to breathtaking nature and stunning architecture. Did you spot the minaret in the Lednice Park? You should climb all the way up, you will have a great view of the Castle and its grounds. Probably you will see our facilitators waiting for you on our special stations between the neo-gothic Castle and the artificial ruins of John’s Castle. If you are lucky, you can spot wild herons and black storks living happily in the park. During the Treasure Hunt Lednice with outdoor activities you will need your logical thinking, observation skills, imagination and maybe a bit of physical strength. All your team member will have the possibility help the team and try to win!

Charming Lednice

During your Treasure Hunt you will venture also to the picturesque village of Lednice. The little squares with trees and benches are inviting you to sit and Relax with an ice-cream. But if you want to win, you need to enjoy some refreshment on your way to the next question! Many of them are hidden around the old ruins of the Jewish Cemetery. Lednice used to have also a synagogue and a Jewish bath! Now you can admire the work of the students of viticulture and gardening at the Mendel University.

How much does it cost?

After you contact us, we will send you a basic price offer for the program. This calculation will include the Treasure Hunt Lednice itself and three outdoor activities (Tangrams, The Hanoi Towers and Mosaic), and the fee for renting the grounds for the activities. You can choose from other activities too, such as archery, climbing, boat ride and more. We will help you pick the right option for your goals, wishes and budget.
We love our South Moravia and offer Treasure Hunt games and other activities in many more places of this beautiful region. You can choose not only from our popular Tresure Hunts, but also Challenge Tour or Mystery Trail

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Nutricia a.s.

We enjoyed Treasure Hunt very much! Perfect organization, thoughtful, yet entertaining questions focused on a particular location. We enriched the game with two practical activities which made it even more diverting and added an interesting strategic element to it.

Tereza Čajanová

Team building in Lednice - Valtice Area