Treasure Hunt Mikulov

Treasure Hunt Mikulov Historical center, Mariendorf and the Jewish quarter

56 treasures
1,5 - 3 hours

Mikulov - city of great wine, awesome architecture and shining sun. This South Moravian city with great atmosphere and a lot of things to do for everyone is another location, that you can explore with our TerraHunt application. You and your team and enjoy its beauties with our team building, GPS-based game Treasure Hunt Mikulov.

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Treasure Hunt Mikulov is a geolocation game, during which teams of colleagues or friends are competing against each other in the hope of becoming the best Treasure Hunter. At the beginning of the game, our awesome team will divide you into competition teams, with which you will venture into to the picturesque streets of Mikulov. But before you start the competition, you will get to know the rules of the game and how to control the TerraHunt application. Our team will make sure that you know all you need and will be able to enjoy the Treasure Hunt Mikulov at 110 %.
The geolocation application will guide you, so that you will always find the right way. In Mikulov, and maybe also in life. To collect a treasure, you need to go to its exact location. There, a question will pop up and you will have the chance to answer it and gain points. To excel in this game, you don’t need any specific knowledge, because the questions are always connected to some interesting place in Mikulov, and you will find the answers somewhere in the surroundings – on a building, sidewalk and more. Just keep your eyes, mind, creativity and logical skills ready! Your goal is to find and correctly answer as many questions as possible and in this way gain more points than your competitors.

Team building program in stunning Mikulov

Treasure Hunt Mikulov and its questions will lead you through the crooked old street of the historical city center. You will get to know the stories of the many statues, silent witnesses of the life of this beautiful city, and will explore its magical nooks and architectural wonders. Mikulov is not visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year just because of its center and architecture, but also interesting surroundings. While playing the Treasure Hunt Mikulov game, you will venture there too, and see the geological garden, a wall of Nations and much more.

Compelling history

You will enjoy the sights and have fun, but also learn something! The game will share well known and forgotten stories from history. For example, some of its Jewish inhabitants, who were as integral part of the life and success of the city, as the delicious wine. At the end of the 16th century, Mikulov was the workplace of Rabi Löw himself! These human and sometimes tragic stories make you also stop, remember and reflect.

Let’s stretch our muscles and our brains

In the Treasure Hunt Mikulov, not all questions were created equal, so if you want to get ahead your colleagues, you might want to go for a walk and check out the more remote treasures. You will be happy that a nice walk will get some oxygen to your brain to help you think better, because boring easy questions are not for us. That’s why we recommend to schedule tasting of local delicious wines after the game – some of the questions will truly test your wits!

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Mikulov is not the only breathtaking city South Moravia can offer. To show off the beauties of the Lednice-Valtice Region, we prepared three TerraHunt games for you in that area. For those, who want to hunt down some treasures, we set up the Treasure Hunt Lednice or Treasure Hunt Lednice with outdoor activities. For excited sportsmen and women, we recommend Cyklotour Lednice-Valtice, during which you will explore a bigger area in the saddle of a bike. You can find all the geolocation teambuilding programs available in South Moravia here. If you are not sure which program to go for, contact us and we will help you choose the right one for your company and its budget. 

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The "low cost" version of team building program - Treasure Hunt proved to be a an optimal choice. The organization of the event was flawless and when we add the benefit of beautiful summer weather, there is no choice but to write: See you soon!

Jindřich Dráb, Supply Chain Director

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