Treasure Hunt Olomouc

Treasure Hunt Olomouc Team building with GPS tablets in historial capital of Moravia

Olomouc - center
40 treasures
1,5 - 3 hours

Olomouc, sometimes forgotten by local tourists but always stunning, is a historical capital of Moravia. You will be amazed by its architecture, rich history and specific gastronomy. During our Treasure Hunt Olomouc GPS game, you will be able to find forty treasures that will make you look at this beautiful city in a new way.

Company events with tablets in the center of Olomouc

Treasure Hunt Olomouc is a team building company where everyone can relax and enjoy the game. Whether you are organizing a series of workshops, company retreat or a meeting of important business partners, if would be a shame to remember Olomouc only based on its hotels and conference rooms. It has so much more to offer!

How does Treasure Hunt Olomouc work?

Our team will meet you in your conference room, foyer of your hotel or a secret location somewhere close to the center of the city. We will divide you into competition teams, explain the basics of how to use the application and tablet, the rules of the game and will borrow you the tablet itself. After a photo of all teams together, you will start your Treasure Hunt. You will see where the treasures are hidden on the map in the application. Once you come with the tablet to the actual location of the treasure, you will be given a question. Don’t worry, this is not a knowledge competition, you will always find the answer to the questions around you! You’ll just need to close your phone, open your eyes and use your imagination and logical thinking.

Team work pays off

Your goal is to earn as many points as possible by looking for treasures and answering correctly to the questions or taking up challenges. At the end of the game, the winning team will receive an award. But there are no losers in this game, everyone will enjoy two to three hours of great fun and a bit of learning. Each team can define their strategy, how fast and where they will go. Treasure Hunt is a game for everyone, no matter their age or physical abilities.

City with intriguing history

Olomouc used to be the capital city of Moravia! And the architecture and stories that happened on its streets show that. For example, Olomouc is the place where the last king of the House of Přemyslid was murdered. Even today the city plays a big role in the region, being the home of an archbishop and the center of orthodox church in Moravia. And when we were talking about architecture, we weren’t joking, the historical center of Olomouc is the second most important in the Czech Republic – right after Prague.  

Olomouc, a city full of treasures

Treasure Hunt Olomouc is not about your knowledge, but your adventure spirit, observation skills, logical Thinking, imagination and team work! Do you know how many steps you must climb to the ramparts? How many grenades you must throw into the bunker to save yourselves from the enemy soldiers? If you are not sure, you can always ask for help at the Palacky University or talk with the god Neptune. But be warned, the times is running fast!

Geolocation games in Moravia

Olomouc beautiful and a great location for company team building events. But it isn’t the only city worth visiting or playing Treasure Hunt in! Here you can see all the programs we can offer you in this stunning part of the Czech Republic. If you are not sure which one to pick, contact us and we will help you choose the right team building event for your company, participants and budget.

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HRG Czech Republic

Thank you so much for the organization. Treasure Hunt in Olomouc was absolutely perfect and everyone enjoyed it.

Kateřina Gregorová

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