Treasure Hunt Ostrava

Ostrava - center
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
2-3 hrs
Common program length

Team building activity Treasure Hunt in the steel heart of the country. Stodolní Street, the Silesian Ostrava Castle, the industrial area in Dolní Vítkovice, or the legendary Bolt Tower... all this a corporate event in Ostrava can offer.

There are 35 treasures you can explore, guided by a map app on your tablet. Reserve around 3 hrs and you can start descending the mine.

  • Stodolní Street, Forum Nová Karolína, Silesian Ostrava Castle

  • Teambuilding in the Ostrava Center

  • Coffee at the Bolt Tower

Where you will play

Ostrava is very specific. You can't expect to find one historical palace next to another, as in the case of Treasure Hunt Tabor or Treasure Hunt Prague. You won't be running around vineyards and forests like in Treasure Hunt Pálava.

Instead, Ostrava is a steel city, hard, uncompromising and industrial... and that's its major advantage.

The main playing field is bordered by the Ostravice River, the centre of the Nová Karolína Forum, the railway tracks and the Jindřich mine's mining tower. However, sporty teams can take an extra bonus circuit that will lead them through Educational Trail Slezská Ostrava.

The game is created in the scavenger hunt style, so you can choose whether you will hunt for urban treasures or your team will instead choose the nature trail and a way into the countryside.

Meeting point

If you don't have a company headquarters, hotel or are not having a lunch with your colleagues in a restaurant near the playing field, it's possible to start in the open air. 

The most suitable place to start the program is Forum Nová Karolína, which is surrounded by a large public space with benches. In addition, the first 3 treasures are located in the immediate vicinity of this center.

For whom the game is suitable

It may be a coincidence, but Treasure Hunt Ostrava is most often requested by IT companies. However, the program is designed to appeal to any player, regardless of employment background, age, or physical condition.

We will set the length of the game as you need it. We recommend to follow the schedule below:

  • 15 min - rules, how to use the tablets and the app, division into teams

  • 1,5 - 2,5 hrs - game in the centre of Ostrava

  • 10 min - transfer to the agreed meeting point

  • 05 min - evaluation and announcement of the winning team

Zuzana Hříbalová, Human Resources Specialist, SKANSKA
Z-AGENCY organized the Treasure Hunt game for us at our HR team-building event, which was very successful. We enjoyed the questions, even though some of them were quite tricky, and everything was captured perfectly from a technical perspective. The organization was friendly and pleasant. We are glad that we chose this option.
Treasure Hunt Ostrava

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