Treasure Hunt Ostrava

Treasure Hunt Ostrava Team building event with GPS tablets in steel heart of Europe

32 treasures
1,5 - 3 hours

Just dangerous smog, crazy parties and on the horizon only mines. It that your image of Ostrava? Let us show you that the third biggest city in Czech Republic is much more than that, during our Treasure Hunt Ostrava!

The steel heart of Czechia

Life in this part of Czech Republic can be hard, but the people from Ostrava found a way not only to survive, but also to thrive. Under a seemingly cold, hard and dusty surface lies a specific culture, great architecture and a captivating music and culture scene. The city is famous for its industrial heritage sites, such as Dolní Oblast Vítkovice, venue of the world-renowned festival Colours of Ostrava, and a possible new addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the steel heart of Czech Republic, you can find more than impressive old mines. Ostrava is renowned for its sport clubs, particularly ice hockey and football, it is a home to the second biggest church in Moravia, many beautiful buildings in the city center and the Silesian Ostrava Castle. According to many legends, there is a big treasure hidden under the castle. Those gems you can find only one day of the year, but our treasures you can hunt whenever you want!

Team building for your company or business partners  

During the Treasure Hunt Ostrava, your group will be divided into competition teams. With your team you will go on a quest to find as many virtual treasures as possible, answer their questions and earn points. How to find a virtual treasure in a real world, you ask? With our GPS-powered application Terra Hunt on a tablet we will borrow you! Once you reach the location of the question, the application will give you a question or a challenge, connected to the place where it was hidden. For each correct answer you will be rewarded by points and the team with the most points at the end of the game will win a sweet prize. Your game strategy is totally up to you and your team. You can push for victory since the very beginning or take it easy and include some other activities, such as a visit to a local beer pub.

Bespoke team building just for you

Our team will take care of the whole event from the beginning till the end. We will meet you at a specified location in the city, explain the rules of the game, borrow you the tablets and will support you during the whole game. At the end we will welcome all the brave teams back and award the winner. It doesn’t matter if you speak Czech, English or some other language, or if you are a sportier of laid-back competitor. During our Treasure Hunt Ostrava, you will have a lot of fun, get to know this fascinating city and your colleagues more and make unforgettable memories.

Company events around the Czech Republic

We also offer other team building programs for companies or business partners all around Moravia, Bohemia and even outside the Czech Republic. You can choose from other Treasure Hunts or try some of our more adventurous programs Mystery Trail or Challenge TourContact us and we will help you choose the best one for you, you company and your budget.

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