Treasure Hunt Pálava

Treasure Hunt Pálava South Moravia GPS program

Pavlov and Pálava
30 treasures
2 - 4 hours

Have you ever heard about the age of mammoth hunters? You know those hairy Ice Age men and women living in caves and hunting huge elephant-like animals. For modern people like us, it’s quite difficult to imagine what life used to be at that time. However, it isn’t hard at all here in Pálava region where you can stumble upon an evidence of Stone Age life literally on every corner. Apart from the ancient history, Pálava has a lot more to offer. Not surprisingly, it has become one of our most popular Treasure Hunt locations. While the other games have more city-like character, Treasure Hunt Pálava will take you through the woods to the ruins of Dívčí hrady and then along the vineyards back to the civilization.

The charm of Pálava region

Pálava is mostly known for its wine production but apart from tasty wines there is much more to see and do. In 1976 it was declared a protected landscape area with a number of valuable biotopes rich in species, especially birds. The place is an ideal destination for nature lovers and hikers but also for history enthusiasts. The area has been inhabited since Stone Age as evidenced by the famous finding of the Venus of Dolní Věstonice. The ceramic Venus figurine dating back to 29.000 – 25.000 BCE was discovered by the archaeologist Karel Absolon in 1925. Recently, an archaeological park was established in Pavlov as the town has become an archaeological site of European importance. Apart from the remnants of Stone Age, you can let yourself be charmed by ruins of several medieval castles or Nové Mlýny Reservoir. The reservoir serves not only for recreation but also to generate electricity, as a nesting place for birds or a water supply for irrigation.

What can you expect?

A bit of walking, maybe even running, lots of fun and of course some serious treasure hunting! The treasures, in the form of questions and tasks, are waiting for you in Pavlov and on the way to the ruins Dívčí hrady. If you answer them correctly, you will earn points. The question will appear on the screen of a tablet provided by us automatically as soon as you get to the right place. As you might have guessed already, it’s a GPS-based game like the world-popular geocaching but there’s at least one key difference - Treasure Hunt is a team game. The more the merrier, you will enjoy it most with a bunch of your colleagues or friends. During the game, you can watch the other teams, not only if they are really hunting treasures but also how many points they currently have. This makes it even more enjoyable and catchy! As usually, the best team wins and gets a well-deserved reward.

Treasures of Stone Age and more

Some of the questions indeed focus on mammoth hunters while others aim at more recent times. You will feel like a bunch of Neanderthals, name your new pet – a mammoth, and moreover, you will try to guess the size of Venus breasts! From the dawn of civilization you will magically move over to the times of brave knights, fair princesses and despairing royal fathers. Using your hidden detective skills, you will search for a mystery hero and also an unfortunate victim of one wicked witch. Leaving fairy tales behind, couple of more practical questions about wine making or local life will follow. Plain and simple, you will stretch your legs, strain your brain and eyes and you will enjoy all of it enormously!

More games in Pálava region

If Treasure Hunt Pálava is not exactly what you are looking for but you still want to try one of our games in the area, no worries, there are plenty of possibilities. You can choose from Treasure Hunts in Lednice, Valtice, Mikulov or Zaječí. You can also add some outdoor activities to make the experience even more unforgettable. For further information please contact us and our sales representative will help to find the best program for you.

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