Treasure Hunt Zajeci

Zajeci, Pritluky
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
2-3 hrs
Common program length
Team building activity Treasure Hunt in the area below Pálava, between Zaječí and Přítluky. There are 31 treasures waiting for you located around the wineries Vinařství U Kapličky and Vinařství Nosreti, the lookout tower Maják and in the centre of the village Přítluky. A map app on your tablet will guide you safely to all the treasures.

Set aside ideally 2,5 hrs for this corporate event. The program can be extended with several physical activities placed in the field according to your specifications.
  • Wineries Vinařství U Kapličky, Vinařství Nosreti, and others

  • Majestic views of Pálava and the Nové Mlýny water reservoir

  • Team building amidst vineyards, wine cellars and with wine

Where you will play

There are 3 main locations in this game where the majority of the treasure is located. It is the winery Vinařství U Kapličky, the village Zaječí with treasures near the winery Vinařství Nosreti, and then the village Přítluky. These three key places are connected by routes through vineyards and country roads.

Since this is a scavenger hunt game, it will be up to your team whether you hunt for treasures only in the place of your tasting or you will complete the whole circuit with beautiful views of the Pálava.

We have prepared 31 treasures for you. If you stay at the winery Vinařství U Kapličky, it is possible to extend the program with a few physical activities that can take the whole program to the next level.

Meeting point

In this area, the Treasure Hunt is usually associated with a specific hotel, guesthouse or a winery. Up until now, we have always started team building at the place where the client was staying or tasting. However, we can fully accommodate to your requirements and start the program anywhere.

For whom the game is suitable

Wine is more or less unavoidable in this location. If anyone goes to this location, it is for wine tasting, wine buying or other wine related activities.

However, there is another aspect why to organize team building in this locality. This is the capacity of the accommodation and conference facilities. Here, the winery Vinařství  U Kapličky scores highly, offering one of the largest accommodation capacities in Moravia, with up to 350 beds.

We will set the length of the game as you need it. We recommend to follow the schedule below:

  • 15 min - rules, how to use the tablets and the app, division into teams

  • 2-2.5 h - realization of the game in the Zaječí - Přítluky area

  • 15 min - transfer to the agreed meeting point

  • 05 min - evaluation and announcement of the winning team

Treasure Hunt Zajeci

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